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SIF Tip Dip – MIG Welding Anti Spatter Gel

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  • Tip Dip
  • Prevents spatter build up
  • 225g or 500g Tins
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Anti-spatter paste to protect MIG welding torches, jigs and fixtures. Reduces the effects of weld spatter. Protects and prolongs the life of Mig nozzles, contact tips, jigs and fixtures. Will not clog threads, or cause porosity regardless of amount used. Non-toxic, non-flammable, odourless, contains no harmful hydro-carbons, silicone-free.

Simply dip the welding nozzle and contact tip into the tip dip tin and coat the inside of the nozzle with a spatter resistant coating. Use frequently as the coating dries out with use.

TIP DIP gel is used in MIG welding to help prevent the build-up of welding spatter on your contact tips and shrouds. Spatter build-up can clog your torch and restrict the flow of shielding gas. This can result in contamination of your MIG weld. SIF TIP DIP is supplied in hard-wearing tins – ideal for use in workshop environments. Just dip your warm MIG torch into the gel to protect it. The gel is a red colour and contains no harmful solvents, which can smoke and fume. Nontoxic, non-flammable, silicone free.





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225g Tin, 500g Tin


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