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4043 Aluminium TIG Welding Rods 2.4mm – 2.5kg

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  • 4043A
  • 2.5kg Pack – 2.4mm
  • Aluminium
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AWS A5.10 92 ER4043 EN 18273-S 2004 AL4043

4043 Aluminium 2.4mm TIG Welding Rods – 2.5kg packet.  Regarded as the most popular option grade out of all Aluminium TIG Welding Rods. This welding wire is an excellent choice of aluminium 5% Silicon filler rods for ornamental applications where design results are critical. Consequently, the addition of 5% Silicon creates a more fluid weld pool. Aluminium filler rods require pure argon as a shielding gas.

Working with thicker metals may require a mix of Helium and Argon, due to it being a hotter shielding gas that will give better penetration. Furthermore, use 4043 Aluminium TIG Welding Wire when repairing or making housings and crankcases. Manufacturing cylinder heads and blocks, creating ornamental aluminium pieces are also good uses for these filler rods. Plus fabrication of boats, trucks and bus bodies, along with making vats, tanks or containers.

Provides excellent corrosion resistance for applications where this is a key factor. Packaged in plastic storage containers which give great protection from dirt and debris, therefore always keep them in their actual box.

An aluminium alloy with 5% silicon, with excellent flow characteristics and penetration. Suitable for welding duralumin cast (LM25) and wrought alloys 6063 (H9), 6061 (H20) and 6082 (H30). Weld will discolour if anodised. Can be used TIG or in Oxy Acetylene. If used in Oxy Acetylene, use Aluminium brazing and welding flux.


4043 Aluminium TIG Welding Wire Chemical Analysis



Suitable for welding duralumin, cast and wrought alloys 6063 (H9), 6061 (H20) and 6082(H30), as well as other ‘4 series’ aluminium’s. As a result, the weld will discolour if anodised. Pre-heating up to 120ºC may be necessary, subject to material size and thickness. Another key point is wire brushing between passes is recommended, to remove build up of surface oxides.

Firstly the parent material must be fully cleaned and degreased prior to welding. Additionally clean joints with a stainless steel brush.


  • Most popular grade of Aluminium TIG Welding Rods.
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance.
  • 5% Silicon creates good fluidity in the weld puddle.
  • Use an Argon / Helium mix when welding with thicker materials.


Shielding Gas: Argon, Argon/Helium

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