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A15 Mild Steel TIG Welding Rods 1.0mm – 5kg

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  • A15 SuperSteel
  • 5kg Pack – 1.0mm
  • Mild Steel
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AWS A5.18 ER70S-2 BS2901 A15

A15 Mild Steel 1.0mm TIG Welding Rods – 5kg Packet.  High quality TIG welding wire is used as a filler rod for the purpose of joining mild steel, commonly referred to as SuperSteel.  Hence making A15 TIG Welding Rods the most widely used welding wire for mild steel.  A copper-coated triple de-oxidised mild steel rod. Used with the TIG process it enables sound, porosity free welds to be made on mild and low-alloy steels. Furthermore, typical applications include pipe welding and root runs on heavy vessels. Packaged in square tubes, as a result, this provides excellent protection and storage.

A15 TIG welding wire is the most common of the TIG rods and is sometimes referred to as SuperSteel.


Used primarily for single pass on steels. In particular, this product will perform well on surfaces not cleaned before welding.

Suitable for use on mild and medium tensile steels and also ideal for rusty and mill-scaled plate. TIG weld with Thoriated or Ceriated tungsten electrode, and pure argon shielding gas.

Product Features
  • Copper coated mild steel TIG welding rods
  • Sound porosity free welds on mild and low-alloy steel
  • Most common & widely used TIG welding wire
  • Often referred to as SuperSteel
  • Sold in square plastic tubes.



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