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Shielding Gas Economiser

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  • Shielding gas economiser
  • Reduces welding gas bills
  • Adjustable flow rate



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The shielding gas economiser reduces unnecessary loss of shielding gas by up to 50% and promotes saving of shielding gas consumption by controlling gas delivery pressure and preventing excess gas storage in the shielding gas delivery hose.

This product is typically used in MIG / GMAW and TIG / GTAW applications. For optimal performance use the economiser as part of an installation comprising a Multi-Stage Regulator (see related products below), and a flowmeter (such as the Weldability AU200 Argon Flowmeter also below).

Often during MIG / GMAW operations, a single-stage regulator is used to control gas pressure through a calibrated flowmeter to give the required shielding gas flow rate for welding.

At the end of each welding cycle when the machine solenoid valve closes, pressure builds up between the valve and the regulator because although the solenoid valve is closed the regulator is still delivering gas. When the welding cycle is restarted this build-up of pressure is released as a surge and is largely wasted.

The Shielding Gas Economiser reduces the surge to a minimum thereby providing very important savings of expensive shielding gas whilst maintaining a good gas coverage.

The calibration of the pre-set flow-rate can be adjusted via an allen key fitting in the base of the unit, and checked using the included Shielding Gas Flow Tube – which can also be purchased separately in 0-15LPM and 0-40LPM versions.



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