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Replacement Torch Head For PT-60 Plasma Torch 09603

£90.00 ex VAT

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  • Replacement torch head
  • Jasic Cut 45
  • PT-60



Replacement torch head for the PT-60 plasma torch, as supplied with the popular Jasic Cut 45 plasma cutter.


Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for users to use the plasma electrode past its limit causing the electrode to hollow out.  When attempting to remove the electrode, this weakness can cause it to snap, leaving it stuck in the head of the plasma torch.  This part replaces the head and allows repair of the PT-60 torch.

To prevent electrodes getting stuck in the torch head its advisable not to tighten the electrode too tight and replace electrodes when worn.  An electrode ideally needs replacing when the tip has a small indentation of approximately 1mm.  If you need to slow down the cutting speed, are experiencing green discolouration of the arc or the arc is misfiring it is time to change the electrode


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