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Replacement Torch Body For WP9 TIG Torch – Flexi Head

£14.99 ex VAT

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  • Replacement torch head
  • Air Cooled TIG Torch
  • WP9 Flexi



Replacement torch head for the WP9 TIG torch, to fit the WP9 Air cooled TIG torch. Rated for 125A DC / 100A AC @ 60% Duty cycle and fits 0.5mm to 2.4mm electrodes.  One of the most important things with TIG welding is being comfortable for a steady hand and reduced fatigue.  A flexible head allows the head of the torch to be manipulated and directed into joints for example, without contorting your hand or body.


Screws onto the cable via a nut, which supplies gas-through-power. To fit, simply remove the handle of the torch to expose the cable and unscrew the existing torch head, then screw in the new torch and replace the handle.

Use a rigid neck for more control when walking the cup and more durability when compared to a flexi head.


This spare fits the following torches available from TBWS Welding Supplies:


Compliant with EN60974-7