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Replacement Torch Body For WP18 TIG Torch – Flexi Head

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  • Replacement torch head
  • Water Cooled TIG Torch
  • WP18 Flexi Head



A WP18 Flexi head TIG torch head to fit the WP18 water cooled TIG torch. Rated for 350A DC / 260A AC @ 100% Duty Cycle and fits 0.5mm to 4.0mm Electrodes.  One of the most important things with TIG welding is being comfortable for a steady hand and reduced fatigue.  A flexible head allows the head of the torch to be manipulated and directed into joints for example, without contorting your hand or body.


A WP18 torch head has 3 connections – water through power, a water connection and a shielding gas connection.

To change a water cooled head, ensure the torch is not connected to the machine.  Next, remove the handle of the torch to expose the head and connections.  Cut the wire fastenings or clamps holding the rubber hoses onto the tails of the head and remove the hoses from the tails.  Use small spanners to undo the water through power nut.  The head should now be disconnected.  Reconnect the hoses to the relevant tails of the replacement head and secure with appropriate O clips or wire fastenings.  Re-attach the water through power cable and tighten with spanners.  Re-assemble the TIG torch handle and ensure the head is in the correct orientation.


Use a rigid neck for more control when walking the cup and more durability when compared to a flexi head.


This spare fits the following torches available from TBWS Welding Supplies:

  • WP18 series industry standard water cooled torches from a number of manufacturers


Compliant with EN60974-7


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