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Replacement Torch Body For WP17 TIG Torch – Rigid Head

£10.99 ex VAT

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  • Replacement torch head
  • Air Cooled TIG Torch
  • WP17 Rigid Head



A WP17 Rigid head TIG torch head to fit the WP17 Air cooled TIG torch. Rated for 150A DC / 115A AC @ 60% Duty cycle and fits 0.5mm to 3.2mm electrodes. Perfect for welders who prefer a solid head to work with, such as those using the “walking the cup” technique.


Screws onto the cable via a nut, which supplies gas-through-power. To fit, simply remove the handle of the torch to expose the cable and unscrew the existing torch head, then screw in the new torch and replace the handle. Rigid neck for more control when walking the cup and more durability when compared to a flexi head.

Alternatively, check out a flexi head which is beneficial for manipulation to get into joints and increasing comfort


This spare fits the following torches available from TBWS Welding Supplies:


Compliant with EN60974-7


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