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Premium Oxygen / Propane Gas Economiser With Pilot Flame

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  • Reduces Gas Usage
  • Oxy Propane
  • 3/8 BSP Inlets and Outlets
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Designed to be mounted to a horizontal surface, these premium oxy propane gas economisers are designed to reduce gas being used when the welding or cutting torch is not in use. Perfect for repetitive use of Oxy Propane welding or cutting tasks, preventing the need to keep adjusting regulator gas pressures.

When a torch is hung from the hook / rest arm of the device, the weight causes the valve to close and oxy propane gas does not flow to the torch.  A small pilot flame is continuously lit at the top of the economiser for fast lighting up of the torch when removed from the valved arm.

Used extensively in colleges and universities as well as workshops.


These economisers come with holes in the base to mount the device to a surface.  Inlet and outlets are standard 3/8 BSP with right hand thread for Oxygen and Left hand thread for Propane.


Key Features:

◊ Easy Install Onto Workbench
◊ Fine Control Valve For Pilot Flame
◊ Quick Action Gas Shut Off Ensures Considerable Gas Saving
◊ Reinforced Diaphragm Sealing System Increases Service Life
◊ Universal Arm Suitable For All Manufacturers Handles And Shanks