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Plasma Consumable Kit for GYS EasyCut-40 | GYS TPT 40 Torch Spares Kit

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  • Plasma Consumables Kit
  • Fits the GYS EasyCut 40
  • TPT 40 Plasma Torch
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Plasma Consumables Kit for MT 45K-TPT 40 | GYS EasyCut-40 – 039957

A plasma consumables kit for the GYS EasyCut-40 plasma cutting system containing electrodes, a swirl ring, cutting tips and a retaining cap. This kit is supplied in a compact, portable plastic case, perfect for workshop and mobile storage. Can be reused and topped up with torch spares as you go.


GYS plasma spares suitable for the handheld MT 45K -TPT 40 plasma torch, supplied as standard with the GYS EasyCut-40.

The kit contains spares in quantities indicative of how often plasma spares are changed.  For example, cutting tips are generally changed more often than a retaining cap, so more are contained within kit.


This kit includes:

  • 1 x Retaining cap (040236)
  • 3 x Cutting nozzles (040212)
  • 3 x Electrode (040168)
  • 1 x Diffuser Ring (040175)

When should I change my consumables?
Part description
When to change:
Nozzle (#040236) Replace the nozzle when it looks damaged (traces of burns).
Tip (#040212) Clean the inner part of the nozzle if clogged or dirty.
Replace the tip if the inner diameter is enlarged or distorted. An enlarged orifice can increase cutting kerf.
Diffuser (#040175) To be replaced if openings are clogged.
Electrode (#040168) The centre section of the electrode contains a hafnium core which wears away over time.  When a depressed centre becomes visible it is generally time to change the electrode.