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Piher K50 Piston Clamp 4.8kg – Deep Throat (50cm)

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  • Weight: 4.8kg
  • Length: 50cm
  • Throat: 50cm
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Piher K50 Piston Clamp – Deep Throated (50cm) 4.8Kg weight


Piher K50 piston clamps made from super strong 30mm x 8mm rolled steel bar. These clamps make use of a double threaded screw, producing double the pressure and speed. Suitable for work on uneven surfaces, tubing and more.  Simply slide the bottom jaw on the bar to the required distance and tighten the clamp using the super smooth threaded piston much like a vice.


Clamping force able to withstand pressure up to 9000 Newtons.

Deep 50 cm throat with a 50cm length working range available. Non-slip brake ensures the tool doesn’t loosen or lose it’s grip in even the most robust conditions, able to withstand heavy vibration, bumps and knocks.

Nodular jaws made from premium cast iron for the maximum secure grip.

Weight: 4.8Kg


Materials breakdown
Foundry Work
  • Malleable Grey: EN-GJMW 400-5 quality under EN1567 rule. Finishing, thermal decarburising treatment, shot blasting, phosphating and electrostatic RAL 5010 blue colour epoxy polyester painting.
  • Guaranteed tracking realised using the alphanumerical codes embossed on all pieces thoughout their whole productive life–casting date and number and its place in the tooling.
  • 30×8 mm bar
  • DIN C-60 quality (90 Kg/m2 pressure) heat rolled.
  • Shot blasting finish giving stability and cleanliness.
  • Single coat rust-proof dark grey painting finish.
  • All pieces are packed and labelled with date and number and stored in our warehouses until used permitting full tracking
Brake Anti-slip tempered steel on moving jaw.
Screws White zinc coated steel without Hexavalent-Chromium

The TBWS Verdict:  Really nicely made products.  Piher clamps are well finished and built to last.