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Piher 90° Welding Angle Clamp (35mm)

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  • Weight: 5.0kg
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Copper plated screw
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Piher A10 Angle Clamp – 90° Welder’s clamp (35mm)

The quality Piher A10 angle welder’s clamp is made from super strong 30mm x 8mm rolled steel bar.  A quality clamp providing maximum longevity and accuracy with increased clamping force over cheaper angle clamps available.

These clamps make use of a copper-plated non-stick screw.

Able to withstand pressure up to 9000 Newtons.

A depth of 35mm by 35mm.

Non-slip brake ensures the tool doesn’t loosen or lose it’s grip in even the most robust conditions, able to withstand heavy vibration, bumps and knocks.

Nodular jaws made from premium cast iron for the maximum secure grip.

Weight: 5.0Kg