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Parweld XTT212Di AC/DC 200A Pulsed TIG Inverter Dual Voltage

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  • Current Range: 5 – 200A
  • 1Ph Dual Voltage (110/230V)
  • Weight: 12 Kg
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Parweld XTT 212Di AC/DC Pulsed TIG Inverter 110/230V

The Parweld XTT212Di is a dual voltage Pulsed Digital TIG inverter that can be used in both AC and DC modes for TIG or MMA welding.  As a result, this machine can weld of virtually any metal. One of our best selling AC/DC TIG machines, the Parweld XTT 212 offers plenty of features whilst being offered at a great price point.  Build quality is good and the addition of an amperage control on the TIG torch is a nice touch to get you started without having a foot control straight away.

The XTT212 is a single phase machine, perfect for home or light industrial use and perfect for on site work where only 110V can be used.

Supplied in the XTT 212Di P1 package is a TIG torch and regulator making you almost ready to go, with the addition of PPE, gas and some consumables.

Square wave AC output and power pulsing maximises productivity whilst reducing heat output. This means you can weld fast without fear of burning through your work piece. The majority of steels can be welded in DC mode quickly using the pulse power function. The AC mode allows the welding of aluminium and magnesium alloys. The square wave output and adjustable frequency maximises the arc energy offering high welding speeds when coupled with the power pulsing function.

The beauty of this machine is in its versatility, offering the benefits of a 230V workshop machine with the flexibility of 110V site machine. Compared with its cousin, the XTT202 AC/DC, the Parweld XTT212Di TIG Inverter is 40% smaller, but packs the same punch. Simple intuitive one knob control allows for rapid program setting. The XTT212 TIG inverter works with digital and analogue on torch current controls and has a foot control option.  Water cooled option also available.

The P1 Package comes with a 3 Button Amperage Control as standard on the PRO26 TIG torch, eliminating the need for a foot control pedal, and putting the control at your fingertips.


Featuring a highly intuitive multi language digital interface with one control knob offering Synergic TIG welding functionality.  As a result the setup process only requires material type and thickness details (while in synergic mode).  The system will then use the information supplied to set the welding parameters accordingly.  Synergic mode can also be switched which provides the option for manual input of welding parameters for the more experienced welder. Synergic TIG functionality is quite a unique and is often only found on MIG welding machines.  However it is a highly beneficial function to have on a TIG welding inverter as it makes setting your machine for the job in hand so much easier.


Parweld XTT 212 Di Pulsed AC/DC 200A Inverter Welder - Front Panel Image


Key Features
  • 110/230V input
  • Synergic TIG Functionality
  • Digital Interface
  • 200A @ 25% duty cycle
  • Square wave AC TIG mode
  • Variable AC frequency from 50 to 250Hz perfect for refining bead and cleaning width
  • Variable pulse frequency – control the heat input on thinner materials to reduce warpage and burn through
  • HF arc starting for uncontaminated arc starts.
  • Digital control
  • Optional foot control • Generator friendly
  • Adjustable upslope (TIG mode) 0 – 10s
  • Adjustable downslope (TIG mode) 0 – 10s
  • Supplied with 3m earth lead
  • Connections 35-50mm panel socket connections
  • Water Cooled Option Available
  • 3 Years return to base warranty + 3 years servicing plan
  • Manufactured to IP23S, ISO/IEC 60974-1, ISO/IEC 60974-6 & RoHS Compliant


P1 Package Comes with:
  • 3m Input Cable, 3m Earth Lead, Gas Hose
  • P1: PRO26 TIG Torch (3 button with up & down amperage control) & Regulator
Machine only package comes with:
  • Switch plug connector for fitting your own torch
  • Gas hose


  • Ac Frequency – 50-250Hz
  • MMA Function – Yes
  • Package – XTT212P
  • Recommended Generator size – *9 KVA
  • Type – TIG AC-DC


230V 110V
Output Current 5-200A DC
10-200A AC
(5-140A) DC
(10-140A) AC
Input Voltage 110/230V 1P
Input Current EFF 16.2A (20A)
Duty Cycle 200A @ 25% (140A @ 40%)
Pulse Frequency 0.5-200Hz
AC Frequency 50-250Hz
Minimum Fuse Rating 16A (32A)
KVA 6.4
Enclosure Protection IP23S
Dimension (mm) 460 x 170 x 320
Weight (kg) 12







The Parweld XTT 212 AC/DC comes with a 3 year warranty which is upheld by Parwelds large UK headquarters situated in the West Midlands.  In the unlikely event of a breakdown within the warranty period, Parweld arrange collection, free to the end user.


See the Parweld XTT 212Di AC/DC video by clicking the product video tab above.

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Machine, torch and regulator package, Machine only package

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