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Parweld XTT 200 DC Pulsed TIG Welder

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  • Current Range: 10 – 200A
  • Single Phase 16A
  • Weight: 8 Kg



The Parweld XTT 200 has a DC welding output suitable for TIG welding of alloy, non alloy steels, stainless steel and titanium.  Pulsed TIG gives the user superior arc control.  Adjustability of the pulse allows reduced heat input, perfect to combat distortion in thinner materials and increase weld penetration.

A lightweight and small size unit, the XTT 200 can be used at home or in the workshop.  Furthermore, these versatile little TIG welders are generator friendly, coping with ±15% voltage fluctuations.

In TIG mode the Parweld XTT 200 can weld materials up to 6mm in thickness.

In MMA mode, electrodes up to 4.8mm can be used with ease.


Supplied with a Parweld PRO Grip 26 torch with ergonomic handle for increased welder comfort.  A knuckle joint improves cable flexibility and increased dexterity.


A high frequency start circuit makes for easy and uncontaminated arc starting, increasing Tungsten electrode life.

Trigger latching allows the user to release the trigger during long welds to improve comfort.


Simple 2 dial adjustability.

Dial 1 switches between MMA and TIG as well as selecting 2T, 4T, HF start or lift TIG.

Dial 2 is dual action.  Press to scroll through pre flow, start current, up slope, main current, background current, pulse frequency, pulse balance, down slope, final current and post flow.  Once the LED indicates the parameter to set, simply turn the dial to change settings.  (See product video tab above for demonstration)

  • 230V input
  • Lightweight for ultimate portability, just 8kg
  • 200A @ 30% duty cycle
  • Variable pulse frequency
  • Generator friendly
  • Hot start function in MMA mode.  The machine increases initial voltage to start the arc and then reduces once arc initiated.
  • Adjustable pre and post flow gas, start and end currents as well as pulse frequency and balance
  • Industrial 3550 panel socket connectors
  • Sturdy metal case and carry handle and shoulder strap
  • 3 year full warranty (return to base)
  • Optional additional 3 year warranty service plan
  • Manufactured to IP23S, ISO/IEC 60974-1, ISO/IEC 60974-6 and RoHS Compliant



SUPPLIED WITH:  Power source with 3m Parweld PRO grip max 26 (see gallery image above), 3m gas hose, 3m input cable, 3m earth lead, operating instructions


Input Supply 50/60Hz Fuse amps Amperage range (DC) Slope Functions Pre flow function Post flow function Pulse frequency Duty Cycle Dimensions / Weight Generator requirements (+/-15%)
230V 16A 10 – 200A 0 – 5s 0 – 1s 3 – 10s 0.5 – 100Hz 200A   @ 30% 376 x 136 x 230 mm / 8kg 5kVA



The Parweld XTT 200 DC P comes with a 3 year warranty which is upheld by Parwelds large UK headquarters situated in the West Midlands.  In the unlikely event of a validated warranty claim, Parweld will collect the machine, repair and return the machine quickly without cost to the customer.


To see the Parweld XTT 200 being demonstrated, please select the above “product video” tab.


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