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Parweld XTS 902 Dual Voltage Water Cooler

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  • Single Phase 110 / 230V
  • 5 Litre Tank
  • 900W Heat exchange rating
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A dual voltage (110V/230V) water cooler unit suitable for liquid cooled MIG and TIG torches up to 500A.  Also compatible with our range of Tecna spot welders up to 60kVA.  This water cooler has a 5 litre tank and a heat exchange rating of 900W.

A small footprint and tall design allows these coolers to be mounted onto the rear of most welding machine gas bottle stands.  A switch allows the user to toggle between 110V operation and 230V.


Integration of a flow switch into the system allows connection of the water cooler to the welding torch and prevents the torch from being used when water is not flowing.


To extend the life of the torch and water cooler you should always use the unit with Parweld Ultracool coolant which prevents corrosion and clogging of the water line.



  • 110V or 230V dual voltage motor
  • Suitable for TIG or MIG machines up to 500A
  • No pump priming required
  • Optional flow meter to protect the torch from use without water cooling
  • Quick connector for rapid hook up
  • Small footprint and slim design for mounting on most cylinder stands
  • 2 year return to base warranty
  • Ideal for MIG, TIG, Plasma and Spot welding equipment
  • Manufactured to IP23S, ISO/IEC 60974-1, ISO/IEC 60974-6 and RoHS Compliant



Input 110 / 230V
Motor Rating 230V 3A
Maximum water temperature + 60ºC
Noise 74dba
Max ambient temperature + 40ºC
Tank Capacity 5 Ltr
Heat exchange rating 900W
Operating temp range -20 ∼ 60°C
Net Weight 19.5 kg
Protection IP23S


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Machine only, Machine with Flow Switch


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