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Parweld XTM 211Di MIG Inverter 4-in-1 | Dual Voltage

£1,625.00 ex VAT

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  • Current Range: Up to 200A
  • MIG & TIG Torch Package
  • Weight: 27.8 Kg


Parweld XTM 211DI 4-in-1 Multi-Process MIG Inverter with AC/DC TIG & MMA

Machine, TIG Torch and Digital MIG Torch Package (XTM 211DI – P3 Package)

The Parweld XTM211Di is a 4-in-1 multi-process MIG inverter that also carries the capabilities for DC TIG, AC TIG and MMA, all in one machine. High quality build and excellent functionality for outstanding welding characteristics on every weld.

The XTM211 DI is unique from other multi-mode MIG machines in that it comes equipped with capabilities for AC/DC TIG.

This machine is also set up for hosting both a MIG and TIG torch at the same time, as well as quick switching between TIG and MIG, for swift and easy use. To switch to MIG from TIG, simply put down the TIG torch, pick up the MIG one and press the trigger. The XTM 211 will detect the change in torches and automatically switch over to the correct function for you. Vice versa is also true of the MIG to TIG torches. This functionality also extends to the gases too. You can have both Argon and Argon Mix plugged into the machine and the inverter will switch between the gases automatically based on which process it detects is being used.



Auto polarity switching inside. Changing the work lead connections on the front of the machine is a thing of the past.

Instant swapping between MIG and TIG processes available with one touch of a torch trigger, thus perfect for a versatile workshop, able to switch between any job or any part of a job with the press of a button.

Modern, multi-language digital user interface/display, alongside simple and intuitive selection options, allows for easy navigation through the synergic programs on board. Appropriate for workshop and sitework.

Save and recall up to 9 job function settings for any desired process.

Parweld XTM 211Di Control and dial diagram

Superior arc control thanks to Pulse TIG function, for optimal heat control to ensure you don’t burn through your workpiece whilst welding it. Comes with HF (High Frequency) Start TIG ignition.

Synergic programming makes working out your weld settings easier than ever – by simply inputting the material and thickness of your desired workpiece, the inbuilt programming automatically calculates the optimum settings for you. Alternatively, for fine-tuning and to suit the more experienced welder, a manual setting selection mode is also available.

Parweld ACDC Material Thickness Panel

Connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth for modern control and parameter settings.

Machine comes with MMA lead set, 3m MIG Torch with Amperage Control, 12.5ft TIG Torch with Amperage Control, input cable and two gas hoses as standard.

Optional packages/extras include:
    • XTM211DI – Machine with MMA lead set and twin gas hoses
    • P1 Package – Machine with MMA leads, twin gas hoses and 3M 250A MIG torch 4 Button control type, gas regulator
    • P2 Package– Machine with MMA leads, twin gas hoses, 3M 250A MIG torch 4 Button, PRO TIG 4M torch with 3 button control, gas regulator
    • P3 Package – Machine with MMA leads, twin gas hoses, 3M 250A MIG torch 4 Button with Digital read out, PRO TIG 4M torch with 3 button control, gas regulator
    • P1T Package – Machine with MMA leads, twin gas hoses and 3M 250A MIG torch 4 Button, Twin bottle trolley with drawer
    • P2T Package – Machine with MMA leads, twin gas hoses, 3M 250A MIG torch 4 Button, PRO TIG 4M torch with 3 button control, Twin bottle trolley with drawer and gas regulator.
    • TR007 – Twin bottle trolley with drawer
    • XTI 902D – Foot control
    • IV26-12S3BD18 – PRO TIG torch with 3 button control 4m
    • PRO2500-30ER4 – PRO MIG torch with 4 button control
    • PRO2500-30ER4D – PRO MIG torch with OLED display.


Input Voltage (Smart Switching) AC 110V – 50/60 Hz AC 230V – 50/60 Hz
Min Fuse Rating 32A 16A
Input Power (kVA) 3.7 3.7
Max Current (A) MIG 140

TIG  140

MMA 110

MIG  200

TIG  200

MMA 200

Duty Cycle @ 40’C MIG 200A @ 25%
Generator size 7 kVA
Feed Roll 2 Roll
Wire Spool Size 300mm 15KG 200mm 5KG
Wire Size 0.6 – 1.0mm
Style Portable
Machine Type Inverter
Protection Class IP23S
Dimensions 615 x 275 x 495
Weight (Kg) 27.8



Parweld are a UK based company with a long history of supplying welding equipment.  Parweld machines come with a 3 year return to base warranty or if serviced on a yearly basis, machines are warrantied for a further 3 years.  In the unlikely event of needing a warranty claim, Parweld would collect and return the machine free of charge to the customer*.  The Parweld range are well made and good value for money.


*Subject to machine repair deemed to be a warranty issue at Parwelds discretion.


Parweld have also released the XTM221DI 5 in 1 Machine with all the features of the XTM211DI, but with plasma cutting too.

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Include Trolley

MMA Leads & TIG + MIG Torch, Trolley, MMA Leads & TIG + MIG Torch

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