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Parweld Pro Foot Control for Parweld XTT182 – 5 pin plug

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  • Super smooth control
  • 7.6 metre cable
  • 5 pin plug
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Parweld Pro Foot Control Pedal

Parwelds high-quality PRO foot control for their XTT 182 model. The foot controls feature an anti-slip rubber base to keep the pedal planted to the floor during use. The low profile construction gives a natural feel and improves the balance of the operator when working in a standing position.

Foot controls are available in a range of standard resistances and can be supplied with or without control plugs to suit a wide range of machines.

Cable length = 25ft (7.6m) with 5 pin plug

Pro Series Foot Controls come with a 12 month return base warranty for defects in materials and workmanship.


Benefits of a foot control:  Set your amperage on the machine and use the pedal as a throttle.  Particularly helpful when welding Aluminium – as heat builds, let off the pedal to keep a consistent puddle.  Also great at the end of a weld to slowly let off and minimise craters and stress points in the weld.