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Parweld APT 403 PRO Separate MIG Pulsed Inverter | Water Cooled

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  • Current Range: 20A – 400A
  • 3 Ph 400V
  • Weight: 60 Kg

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Parweld APT-M 403SW PRO MIG Inverter | 400A MIG Welder – Water Cooled

The Parweld APTM MIG 403S is a highly advanced, pulsed MIG inverter featuring a wide range of automatic functions controlled via the PRO panel.  A separate wire feed unit is the perfect solution to increase reach and keep the welding power source away from spatter and dust.  Optional synergic programs enable the user to input material thickness, type and welding gas type and the machine will adjust parameters to suit.  The user is able to tweak settings to dial in for the job being performed.  Once settings are as required, the user has the option to store the settings in the memory for later recall.

The Parweld APT 403S has double pulse functionality allowing the user to weld aluminium easily, stainless with minimal heat input and mild steel with very little spatter.  No need to run a spool gun or push pull torch for Aluminium either.

The APT (Advanced Power Technology) series of MIG Welders from Parweld with fast switching for precision arc control, making this one of the most efficient and precise welders out there. Delivers smooth and stable functionality for outstanding welding characteristics on every weld. The APT machines feature improved efficiency over many models on the market, thanks to their advanced power components, which reduces wasted heat by 50% and provides long-term, reliable use. The systems inside use high-speed communication to guarantee perfect wire-speed and welding power synchronisation (even when using longer torch cables).


PRO Panel

The Pro panel provides access to a full range of versatile programs (see below), dealing with all materials and common gas types. Increase productivity with quick set up and the ability to quickly set and recall welding jobs.

PRO Panel Diagram for Parweld range of APT Advanced Technology

Cold Pass Function

The APT-M Cold Pass function is specially designed for welding and brazing thin sheets of non-alloy, low-alloy, high-alloy, and galvanised steels. Thanks to the APT’s digital control of droplet transfer, this machine can achieve short-circuit welding for optimum low input heat control. The controlled input means that your weld provide steadier results, with reduced discolouration and distortion to the workpiece. With virtually spatter-free welding and flat, smooth weld surface, there’s next to no post-weld work needed to make every bead look as professional as possible. The rapid digital control of the arc ensures that welding a good bead has never been easier, offering maximum control and stability.


Pulse Function

The new and improved pulse function is perfect for maintaining optimal heat control in your work. The pulse function controls the heat put into a workpiece so that it reduces the risk of burning through the material, as well as minimising weld spatter. For even greater heat control, select the double pulse function.


Root function

Function for welding Non-alloy and low-alloy steels.

  • Perfect gap bridging
  • Good root formation and excellent sidewall fusion
  • High arc force for root welding in all positions
  • High welding speed and melt rate compared to TIG or MMA welding
  • Low-spatter process
  • Rapid digital control of the process, easy to guide and to control
  • Uses standard welding torches
  • For manual and mechanised applications
  • Flat, smooth weld surface and virtually spatter-free process for reduced post-weld finishing


Deep function

Function for filling passes and cover passes for non-alloy and low-alloy steels.

  • Easy to learn, even for inexperienced welders, thanks to rapid digital control of the process, virtually spatter free, reduced undercuts
  • Deep penetration for excellent root and sidewall fusion
  • Reduced heat, directionally stable pulsed arc
  • Enables weld seam volume to be reduced, potential for over 50% reduction of welding time, suitable for manual and automated welding
  • Perfect welding even with very long stick-outs
  • Excellent gap bridging even at high power
  • Excellent wetting of the material surface, smooth weld surface even on heavily oxidised or dirty sheet metal


Machine, Torch & Regulator Package (PT) comes with:
  • 400 Pro Power source Water Cooled Package
  • Trolley


Machine & Trolley Package (PT1) comes with:
  • 400 Pro Power source Water Cooled Package
  • PRO440A-30E 3 Metre torch
  • UK Standard Gas Regulator
  • Trolley


Technical Specifications
Input Voltage (VAC) 400 ± 10%
Output Range (MIG,  A) 20-400
Duty Cycle (40°C) 60% | 400 A | 32.0 V

100% | 300 A | 27.5 V

Max. Input Power (kVA) 17.8
Open Circuit Voltage (VDC) 90
Dimensions (HxWxL, mm) 452 x 243 x 701
Net Weight (kg) 60
Standard Accessories 3m Power Cable (4 x 4 mm²)
Accessories 3m Ground Cable (50 mm²)
Trolley Yes

Parweld are a UK based company with a long history of supplying welding equipment.  Parweld machines come with a 3 year return to base warranty or if serviced on a yearly basis, machines are warrantied for a further 3 years.  In the unlikely event of needing a warranty claim, Parweld would collect and return the machine free of charge to the customer*.  The Parweld range are well made and good value for money.


*Subject to machine repair deemed to be a warranty issue at Parwelds discretion.

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PT – Power source & Trolley, PT1 – Power source, Torch, Regulator & Trolley