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Parweld Air Fed Welding and Grinding Helmet XR940A

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  • Air Fed – Helmet + Blower
  • Welding & Grinding
  • Auto darkening



The Parweld XR940A is a powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) suitable for use with welding and grinding applications.  Meeting HSE guidelines for protection against welding fume, these air fed systems are supplied complete and ready to go.  A P3 particulate main filter filters atmospheric air to deliver clean air to the wearer.  A carbon activated pre-filter eliminates odours and a metal spark arrestor preserves filters.

The Parweld XR940A system has been tested and has been certified of TH3 classification inward leakage protection of less than 0.2%.


  • Metal grinding and cutting
  • Welding of Aluminium by MIG and TIG process
  • Welding of Stainless Steel, MIG and TIG process
  • Welding of Steel by MMA, MIG or TIG
  • Welding of Zinc coated Steel by MIG or TIG



Blower unit protects the user against concentrated fumes and gas emissions generated in the welding and cutting processes.  Clean air supplied gives the user a comfortable level of clean air to breathe.  Standard air flow rate is 170 l/min and electronics ensure consistent supply of air through the blower unit.  The supplied battery can last over 11 hours in the standard setting and 9 hours in the higher 220 l/min setting.  Times supplied rely upon a fully charged battery and unimpaired filters.

The blower unit is worn on a comfortable belt and an over shoulder harness is also supplied to increase wearer comfort.

An audible and visual indicator alert the user to low air flow, clogged filters and low battery

  • FIlter class : TH3PRSL
  • The motor/filter pack is attached to a waist belt.
  • Alarm (Obstructed filter / low battery).
  • Compact and sturdy, fitted with a spark arrestor.
  • Large carrying bag for the helmet and its respiratory unit.
  • Weighs less than 1.1KG
  • Smooth and ultra quiet brushless motor
  • 2 Airflow speeds 170l/min or 220l/min
  • Removable lithium Ion battery with 10 hour + run time

Parweld Air fed blower

  • Using the Parweld XR937H helmet
  • Realistic view due to Parwelds “True Colour Technology” – advanced UV/IR filters
  • Prevent eye strain, increase comfort and increase productivity, due to increased visibility
  • A realistic view of the weld puddle to assist production of quality welds
  • Increased view of welding/grinding equipment to ensure settings are correct to achieve optimum welding parameters
  • Large viewing area of 101 x 94mm
  • 4 light sensors – increased detection of the arc
  • Auto darkening of the lens in 0.1s
  • Advanced Digital Auto Darkening Filter – Fully variable shade 5 – 9 & 9 -13
  • Adjustable delay function 0.1s – 1.0s to prevent eye dazzle when welding is completed
  • Fully adjustable headgear to ensure a comfortable fit
  • Vibration warning for low air flow.
  • “Welding or grinding” selection process mode
  • Ultra lightweight, to reduce strain on the neck and head
  • Battery status display
  • The XR937H Light Reactive Helmet is independently certified to BS EN 379 and BS EN 175, EN 166, ANSI Z87.1
  • Supported with a comprehensive ‘2 Year Warranty’ on the ADF Filter (Excludes Batteries)


  • Parweld XR937H helmet with face seal and air fed head gear
  • The respiratory protection system (blower unit + filter + waist belt + over shoulder harness)
  • Lithium-ion battery + charger
  • Shoulder harness / air flow meter / carrying bag

XR940A is a battery operated air fed welding and grinding helmet for protection against dust and particles.  This system is TH3 certified in accordance with European standard EN12941: 1998/A1 : 2003/A2:2008 TH3


TBWS Verdict:  The blower unit and belt stand out as really nice quality on these Parweld units.  The materials used to make the blower are a hard, robust plastic unlike some other PAPR systems out there.  Spares are well priced and the helmet has a very large viewing area, great for any welding process.  The addition of an included harness is a nice touch for added comfort, to stop the belt from falling.


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Technical Specifications Parweld XR940A PAPR System
Air flow rate 170 or 220l/min
Material of blower PC and ABS
Motor Brushless
Battery Li-ion 14.8V rechargeable
Battery charging time Approx 2.5 hours
Charging cycles >350
Run time 11 hr @ 170l/min

9hr @ 220l/min

Noise Max 60dB(A)
Weight 288g (1097g incl filter and battery)
Dimensions 224 x 190 x 70 mm
Air hose length 850mm
Master filter type P3 TH3P R SL
Standards EN12941: 1998/A1 : 2003/A2:2008 TH3 P R SL