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Parweld 150A MB15 MIG Torch Accessories Kit 13 Piece

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  • 13 Piece Kit
  • Nozzles, Tips and Adaptors
  • MB15 MIG Torches



A 13 Piece 150A MB15 MIG Torch Accessories Kit.  Compatible with MB15 Binzel style MIG torches which are widely supplied with MIG welders up to approximately 200A. The spares pack contains all of the necessary consumables required in the setup of an MB15 MIG torch and is neatly arranged in a conveniently sectioned case.

An ideal kit with two conical nozzles, which are recognised as industry standards and one of the most adaptable styles of nozzle.  Interchangeable contact tips in the key sizes of 0.6mm and 0.8mm and a tip adapter to ensure uniform levels of gas flow around the weld puddle.

What’s in the kit?
  • 2 x Conical Nozzles (12mm)
  • 5 x M6 ECU Contact Tips (0.6mm)
  • 5 x M6 ECU Contact Tips (0.8mm)
  • 1 x M6 Tip Adaptor
  • Plastic Container Box

Click on the image above for a view of the contents.

What is the benefit of the Tip Adaptor?

The tip adaptor screws into the swan neck of the MIG torch and accepts an M6 contact tip in its female thread on the opposing end.  A spring fits around the tip adaptor, which acts to fit snugly inside the nozzle which slips over the top of it.

There are two key benefits provided by the tip adapter.  Firstly the gas is dispersed through the holes evenly located around the adapter ensuring a uniform flow through the nozzle (shroud), resulting in a balanced coverage of gas over the weld puddle.  It also secures the contact tip in place.

Conical Nozzles

This is the most popular and widely used type of nozzle available. As a result of its design, it offers superior visibility and accessibility over cylindrical nozzles. This is due to the inward taper of the conical nozzle not present on the cylindrical nozzle.

Additionally, this nozzle also provides good levels of gas coverage for the weld pool and the surrounding area.

The nozzle on an MB15 torch does not have a thread but tightly fits over the top of the tip adaptor spring to keep it in place.


When to Change Contact Tips

The contact tip is the part at the end of the torch that the MIG wire passes through.  The hole in the end of the tip should be matched to the diameter of the MIG wire being used (Ideally go one size up for Aluminium wire).  The MIG wire makes contact with the tip as it passes through and the current transfers from the tip onto the wire.

With time, the contact tip can become heat damaged or worn from the abrasion of the wire passing through it.  When this happens, the conductivity of the wire may become compromised and have a negative impact on the arc characteristics.

MB15 contact tips have an M6 thread and screw into the female thread of the tip adaptor.


Unsure whether your torch is an MB15 style torch?  Feel free to let us know if we can assist.



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