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P13014 Retaining Cap – P130 Plasma Torch

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Retaining Cap P13014 For P130 Plasma Torches

A retaining cap / outer body for use with a P130 plasma torch, as supplied with the Oxford CUTMaker 1000, 1300 and TecArc OPTeCUT 95 and 125 plasma cutters.  The P13014 nozzles can be used for plasma drag cutting at amperages of 100 – 130A.


This retaining cap, part number P13014 has 2 main functions. The part holds the swirl ring, nozzle and electrode in place and directs shielding gas for optimal cutting performance.


WHEN TO REPLACE: Changeover of this consumable should be performed when the thread becomes damaged or is showing signs of heat damage. Failure to change these can result in poor cutting performance.



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3. Electrodes (Pack of 5), 4. Gas distributor, 5. Cutting tips 1.1mm (Pack of 10), 11. Retaining cap, 12. Double pointed spacer