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P13005 Swirl Ring – P130 Plasma Torch

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Swirl Ring P13005 For P130 Plasma Torches

A swirl ring for use with a P130 plasma torch, as supplied with the Oxford CUTMaker 1000, 1300 and TecArc OPTeCUT 95 and 125 plasma cutters.  The P13005 swirl ring can be used for all high power max airflow applications.


This swirl ring, part number P13005 is one of the least changed parts when using a plasma torch.  The swirl ring controls the swirling action of the gas around the electrode which centres the arc through the nozzle.


WHEN TO REPLACE:  The swirl ring should be inspected for cracks, holes and deformities when changing other consumables.  On average, a swirl ring can last up to 15 electrode and nozzle changes.



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3. Electrodes (Pack of 5), 4. Gas distributor, 5. Cutting tips 1.1mm (Pack of 10), 11. Retaining cap, 12. Double pointed spacer