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Oxford S-MIG 360A MIG Welder with Separate Wire Feed

£1,219.00 ex VAT

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  • Current Range: 30 – 360 Amps
  • 230V Input Voltage
  • Weight: 108 Kg



The Oxford S-MIG 360 is a British built 360 amp single phase MIG welder with a 4 x 4 roll separate wire feeder.  Designed for industry, the S-MIG range are built to be robust with an almost unbreakable wire feed housing an all metal geared wire drive system powered by a powerful 90 watt wire drive motor. Standard to the Oxford range, the S-MIG has a substantial copper wound transformer fitted with robust rotary switches.  Metal shafts on switches and an overrated rectifier are also used to provide maximum durability.  All this from an industry trusted brand name, Oxford with a British built heritage dating back over 50 years.



Oxford have spent time to consider common issues with competitors MIG welding machines and have addressed them all with the S-MIG. They have designed the machine to have a synergic control.  Once wire feed speed is set, changing the voltage setting will change the wire feed automatically and no further adjustment of the wire feed speed is usually necessary.  This makes set up of these machines extremely easy and fast too.  Should you need to change the wire feed speed, you can as required to get the perfect setting.


The Oxford S-MIG wire feed units have been specifically designed to stand the test of time and abuse. Ideal for taking into confined environments such as trailers, containers etc and keeping it close to you during welding.  Conversely, the wire feed unit is equally at home on top of the power source, where it fits neatly into the top tray or on the optional swivel.  Bolted on top of the machine, the Oxford S-MIG is very compact,  marginally larger than a compact welding power source.  The wire feeder has a compact and strong design, with the wire feeder cables very securely fixed (pull tested to 200kg).  Furthermore, the wire feed unit itself does not contain any electronics to fail, with the PCB fitted in the power source for best reliability.  All metal construction feed systems contribute to the robustness of the S-MIG wire feed unit.

Extremely electrically efficient, the Oxford S-MIG has been made to provide low power consumption.  Running costs can be kept to a minimum with standby power as low as 25 watts and main transformer efficiencies of 90%.



The Oxford S-MIG 360A has specifically been designed with light to medium fabrication, maintenance work and medium agricultural work in mind.

  • Built right here in Yorkshire, Britain
  • S-MIG machines are designed with a no compromise and maximum quality ethos.
  • Synergic control for super easy set up
  • Oxford CAP+ technology ensures excellent weld starts and a very smooth stable weld with minimal spatter.
  • Heavy duty, compact & rugged wire feed unit built on a 2.5mm steel chassis (weighs only 9kg and nearly unbreakable)
  • Strong deck on the rear of the power source chassis takes any size gas bottle , with a chain to secure it
  • Excellent welds achievable in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium etc.
  • Good range of voltage steps on all models to get that perfect setting.
  • All metal geared wire drive system ensures strong wire feeding of all sizes & types of wire
  • Powerful 90 watt wire drive motor fitted in the feed unit.
  • Copper wound, British made main transformer with overload protection
  • Optimised electrical efficiency to minimise running costs and
  • All brass construction, industry standard torch Euro connector
  • Robust PCB housed in the power source, controlling motor speed and all functions including burnback control
  • Torch trigger latching option – press trigger to start and press again to stop weld
  • Strong steel powder coated case with a substantial 2.5mm chassis fitted with quality wheels and castors
  • Built to comply with BS EN60974-1, BS EN50199, RoHS directive, CE marked & Weee registered.
  • The Oxford guarantee! 2 years warranty with 5 years on main transformer, 20 years minimum parts availability.




ADDITIONAL OPTIONS – Please call for pricing

  • Spool or Push Pull guns for welding aluminium
  • Digital Meters
  • Calibration to BS EN50504 or EN1090
  • Wire spool cover
  • Upgrade to longer interconnecting lead or input mains cable
  • Swivel and Casters on wire feed unit
  • Longer torch


All Oxford welding machines are offered with the following guarantees:
2 year warranty all items – except torch and regulator.
5 year main transformer warranty (the heart of the machine)
20 year minimum guarantee of spares availability




Model 230V S-MIG
Amps range 30-360
Duty cycle @ 45% 360A
Duty cycle @ 60 300A
Voltage steps 24
Input fuse (slow blow)* 32/45A
Welding wire 0.6 – 1.2mm
Inductance settings 2
Wire feed 4 x 4
Approx. weight 108kg


* Note the input fuse size on single phase models is a result of Oxfords calculations & tests, it is possible to use any of these models on a lower fuse size at lower welding power. It is recommended always using a ‘D’ type circuit breaker to avoid intermittant tripping & in some instances you may experience intermittant tripping if using close to maximum settings. *The min KVA rating quoted is for up to 3/4 power output, to achieve max output we suggest increase KVA by 40%.

Why accept an imported machine when you can buy a top quality British made machine for a similar price?


Please note:  Oxford machines are built to order.  Good things come to those who wait with Oxford machines.  Lead time really varies depending on the factories workload.  If you place an order online, one of sales team will be in touch to estimate delivery time scales.  Alternatively, call or email to get the latest time scales.  Also note our returns policy for these machines on our terms and conditions page.

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