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Oxford S-MIG 270A Separate MIG Welder with Double Pulse

£2,524.00 ex VAT

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  • Current Range: 15 – 270 Amps
  • Dual Voltage
  • Weight: 67 Kg




The Oxford S-MIG 270 double pulse, provides superior welding results with Aluminium, steel, stainless steel, hard facing etc.  Using Oxfords highly acclaimed Mitsubishi chopper technology, the S-MIG double pulse gives precise welding output control.  Built around a “traditional” copper wound transformer with secondary output control which makes fractional changes to the output at up to 20,000 times per second to seamlessly maintain a smooth stable arc.

The main benefit of the Oxford double pulse synergic machine models are seen on aluminium and stainless steel.  Near TIG quality welds are possible with virtually no spatter.  In addition, welding speed is far greater than TIG welding and the overall heat input is much lower and reduces distortion to give a reduced heat affected zone.  Using pulse when MIG welding mild steel greatly reduces spatter and hence decreases clean up time after welding.  Yet another benefit of pulsed technology is the possibility to use a standard MIG torch when welding aluminium and also allows the user to weld a much wider range of materials with one size, for instance 1.2mm aluminium wire will typically cover 2mm – 15mm material thickness range.


These models can also be used for standard MIG welding and MMA (arc) welding.  On standard MIG, the arc is super smooth and superior to any conventional switched transformer MIG.  In MMA, a high open circuit voltage (OCV) and build in hot start guarantees fast arc up and a super smooth arc during the weld.  Suitable for all electrode types including cellulosic.



  • Pulse MIG Welding for high quality and spatter free welds.
  • Double pulse MIG for virtually spatter free and TIG like weld results – with increased productivity.
  • Adjustable double pulse frequency
  • Standard constant voltage MIG/MAG welding for all metals
  • Built in hot start for instant arc starting in MMA
  • MMA (stick) welding of all types of electrode, including 6010 etc
  • Simple set up and control
  • Synergic one knob control of welding power
  • Adjustable arc length/wire to suit all users and applications
  • Adjustable inductance to control arc characteristic on MIG & pulse.
  • Crater filling function for a perfect finish to every weld
  • Adjustable pulse peak current control
  • Reverse polarity – use self shielding wire for gasless MIG welding
  • All metal 4 x 4 roll drive wire feed system with powerful motor
  • Dual voltage – runs from 230V or 400V supply
  • Built in smooth arc start and wire pinch finish circuit with burnback
  • Automatic compensation for varying input voltages
  • Digital meters showing amps/volts to allow compliance to EN1090 etc
  • Efficient design to minimise power consumption
  • Built to be rugged and reliable to ensure long service life
  • Separate wire feed unit allowing greater set up flexibility


There has never been a better time to buy British! With the weak British £ Oxford machines are more competitive than any similar quality imported machine & with the OXFORD long term back up buying British has to be the wise choice.

More output power from a 230V supply, lower input power, better duty cycles, better long term support, better pricing & all made right here in the UK!

With a history dating back over 50 years, British made Oxford welding machines are known for simple rugged build, high reliability with a long life span and excellent welding performance.
Now we are offering all this plus new superior performance British made machines


Click on the product video tab above to see an unskilled operator complete a 5mm to 5mm fillet weld with single pulse using the Oxford I MIG 270 DP (same machine but without separate wire feeder).  Note the absence of spatter and tidy weld appearance.


Wire Feed Unit Info

Oxford state that the wire feed units fitted to the S-MIG double pulse are different to others on the market today.  The Oxford designed wire feeders use a compact and very strong metal case – with cables securely fixed into the feed unit (pull tested to 200kg with no damage).  The PCB and other electronics are mounted inside the power source so that there is very little to go wrong or get damaged inside the wire feeder itself.  Portability and ruggedness of the S-MIG wire feed unit is said to be the best in the industry.  Having a hard wearing wire feed unit makes it ideal for taking into confined environments such as trailers, containers etc and keeping it close to you during welding.  Conversely, the wire feed unit is equally at home on top of the power source, where it fits neatly into the top tray or on the optional swivel.  Bolted on top of the machine, the Oxford S-MIG is very compact,  marginally larger than a compact welding power source.

A really important part of any MIG/MAG welding machine is the wire feed unit. In industry wire feeders get bashed around & generally abused so often they are the first part to cause trouble.




ADDITIONAL OPTIONS – Please call for pricing

  • Spool or Push Pull guns for welding aluminium
  • Digital Meters
  • Calibration to BS EN50504 or EN1090
  • Wire spool cover
  • Upgrade to longer interconnecting lead
  • Swivel and Casters on wire feed unit


All Oxford welding machines are offered with the following guarantees:
2 year warranty all items – except torch and regulator.
5 year main transformer warranty (the heart of the machine)
20 year minimum guarantee of spares availability


Size approx. 660mm H x 390mm W + rear wheels x 800mm long.


Model Oxford S-MIG 270 Double Pulse
Amps range 15-270
Duty cycle @ 45% 235A
Duty cycle @ 60 195A
Duty cycle @ 100 150A
Input fuse (slow blow)* 16A (25/32A on 230V)
Welding wire 0.6 – 1.2mm
Min. Generator Size 5.5 kVA*
Supply Voltage Dual 230V or 400V
Approx. weight 67kg


* Note the input fuse size on single phase models is a result of Oxfords calculations & tests, it is possible to use any of these models on a lower fuse size at lower welding power. It is recommended always using a ‘D’ type circuit breaker to avoid intermittant tripping & in some instances you may experience intermittant tripping if using close to maximum settings. *The min KVA rating quoted is for up to 3/4 power output, to achieve max output we suggest increase KVA by 40%.

Why accept an imported machine when you can buy a top quality British made machine for a similar price?


Please note:  Oxford machines are built to order and may take 7 – 14 working days from order to be built and dispatched.  If you place an order online, one of sales team will be in touch to confirm delivery time scales.  Also note our returns policy for these machines on our terms and conditions page.

Additional information


Single Phase, Three Phase


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