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Oxford CUTMAKER 1303LE (Low Energy) Plasma Cutter

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  • Clean Cut Up to 44mm
  • Three Phase
  • Weight:



The Oxford CutMaker 1303LE plasma cutter is capable of 44mm clean cut in mild steel and up to 62mm severance cut.  A three phase plasma cutter, it can be used with compressed air or with Nitrogen for improved performance on stainless steels.  Addition of the optional CNC interface allows the user to use the machine on an automated CNC system. The new Low Energy (LE) options in the Cutmaker range provide increased energy efficiency than previous versions without compromising on performance.


Immensely popular, the Oxford CutMaker line of machines are built in the UK by Technical Arc.  They use Oxford highbrid technology which combines the reliability benefits of older transformer machines with the best bits of inverter technology.  This gives you the very highest cutting performance possible for the lowest input power.

Oxford claim these machines are built to last and should last in excess of 20 years!  When you speak to many welders they are aware of old Oxford machines still be used after many many years of abuse!


“The benefits are real, look at our performance specs & you will notice our machines cut more & do more than all other machines on the market today. And importantly because these machines have a copper transformer & are not an inverter you dont need to be concerned about reliability or lifespan. All inverter based machines suffer from reliability issues, the low cost imports often fail in a few months, even the quality EU or US made inverters do not have a long life & repair bills can be so excessive that the machine has to be scrapped.”


The hybrid chopper design used with Oxford CutMakers is simple utilising just one PCB .  Oxford state that this makes them seriously robust.  Oxford machines should withstand the damp and dust encountered in most welding workshops.  They also cope well with knocks and drops, unstable input voltages, even 75% over voltage for a few seconds can be tolerated.


Main features all models;
  • Superior cut quality with really clean stright edges on all materials from the thinnest sheet right up to max capacity.
  • Cuts clean or dirty & rusty material just as well, steel, galv steel, stainless steel, hardox, aluminium, brass, copper etc
  • Thermal gouging function allows the operator to gouge away material efficiently, ideal for removing welds, fastenings, edge plates brackets etc
  • Thermal arc heating function allows the operator to apply direct thermal arc heating similar to using gas bottles but using only air & electric!
  • Metal marking function for both hand & cutting tables, mark your logo, fold points, date codes etc.
  • 1001 & 1303 models can also be used with Nitrogen instead of air to give best results on stainless steels.
  • 1001 & 1303 models include a digital ammeter to display exact ouput power.
  • 351, 551 & 701/3 models now include an accurate dial to show power setting in amps.
  • Energy efficient design 90%+ efficiency means you get more cutting power for the lowest input power.
  • Class leading air consumption, as much as 50% lower than competition means only a small compressor needed & the lowest possible fumes.
  • Bullet proof design means this machine will be unaffected by varying input power or unstable generator.
  • All models use 6M torches with long life low cost consumables.
  • Now rated to IP23S protection so can be used in your workshop or even outside in light rain.
  • Built in air filter to help trap moisture & particles with regulator & pressure gauge to allow easy setting of air.
  • NON HF design means these are safe for use on vehicles & around IT based equipment.
  • Easy fit CNC interface kit now available, upgrade for cutting table use etc.
  • All CUTMAKERS are composed of over 95% metal with minimal plastics, built tough & kinder to environment.
  • Built in Great Britain! Built to last! To BS EN60974-1, BS EN60974-10, BS EN60974-7, RoHS, weee & CE marked.


Lots of options including;

  • Longer leads or torch
  • CNC interface for cutting table use  Available as a factory fitted option or DIY retro fit kit
  • Circle cutting kit
  • Consumables
  • Single phase
  • Three phase

SUPPLIED WITH:  6m P130 Torch with quick connect fitting, 3m mains lead and 3m earth lead

Machine dimensions: 310mm x 530mm x 650mm


Supply fuse 400v 3 phase model 32A (D type)
Max Severance cut capacity 62mm steel
Clean quality cut up to 44mm steel
Pierce capacity – automated 25mm
Max cutting power output 23KW
Output power range 17-130A@170v
Max cut speed 6mm steel 6950mm/min
Max cut speed 10mm steel 3480mm/min
Max cut speed 15mm steel 1800mm/min
Max cut speed 20mm steel 1200mm/min
Max cut speed 25mm steel 780mm/min
Max cut speed 30mm steel 620mm/min
Min generator size for 3/4 power 17KVA
Recommended Generator power 25KVA
Air pressure & flow rate 5.5bar 270L/min
Output @ 100% duty cycle 95A
Output @ 60% duty cycle 125A
Gouging metal removal rate 13kg/hr max
Thermal heating power 2.7kw
Machine size (case size) 310mm x 530mm x 650mm L




Cutmaker models offer exceptional cutting performance on all metals, only the very best American made machines come close to our cutting performance.  When compared to oxy-fuel cutting with the Cutmaker is as much as 6 times quicker, particularly on thinner materials.  90% reduction in operating cost & a much nicer cut quality.  These machines also give a cleaner finish and with far less distortion.  The Cutmaker series produces a very narrow cut, with minimal dross thanks to a constricted cutting arc.  Even cuts in thick material will be very close to perfectly straight.

Unlike many plasma machines these models can also cut the very thinnest of metals with absolute precision, just fit fine cut tips & select a low power, cut from 0.5mm upwards.

Power is infinitely variable in these machines allowing selection of output to suit the material.  For thinner materials, turn the output down to give a very fine cut and controlled cutting speed with superb, near laser quality.  For thicker materials, output can be turned right up to get the cut done quickly.  In instances when a material is double skinned its possible to turn the machine up to cut both layers or turn it down to only cut the top layer.

Mechanised cutting performance is exceptional, just fit our machine torch & fit the CNC interface kit & you have the perfect machine to fit to cutting tables, fit to new CNC machines or old Burny or Westinghouse controllers, straight line cutters, robot etc. CNC interface uses the same wiring as US made machines, start signal, OK to move contact & we also have infinitely adjustable (non isolated) divided arc volts to suit all known control systems.

The Oxford Cutmaker 1303LE comes complete with a quality plasma cutting torch, which is compact for getting into tight spaces.  Supplied as standard with long reach drag consumables allowing the user to keep the torch in contact with the work piece which makes following straight lines and templates much easier and more accurate.  These long reach torch consumables offer superb access into places most torches cannot touch, if reguired there are also very short compact consumables available. The torch parts are all low cost compared to other quality machines on the market & there are only really 3 wear parts on the torch, electrode, tip & copper drag nozzle.

Arc starting on the Cutmaker series uses air only and not high frequency (HF).  Not using HF means these machines are suitable for use on vehicles and near IT systems without causing damage.

To watch the Cutmaker in action, click on the product video tab above.  



Our metal marking function allows fast clean marking of metals for both automated & manual use. Mark drill points, fold marks, add your logo, date code, ID, etc. The 14A-25A (17-25A on 1000/1300 models) range is ideal for everything from 1mm material up. Unlike competitors’ products we use standard cut consumables, so move from cutting to marking in a second!


Thermal heating is a handy function developed to provide a fast source of heat in situations such as attempting to remove nuts, bearings etc.  Thermal heating from the Oxford Cutmaker provides an instant heat, much hotter than gas torches can produce.  Heating is also far more direct and controllable, meaning heat is only applied to the area in question.  For instance when removing seized nuts propane torches tend to heat the nut & bolt, the cutmaker plasma will heat the nut & leave the bolt relatively cool, this allows the nut to be removed quicker.

In addition the thermal heating function can be used for light preheating applications.
All the OXFORD Cutmaker models have the same thermal heating capacity & duty cycle which is 50% (5min on, 5min off etc).
The following are typical times to heat nuts to cherry red colour. M5 – 4 secs, M6 – 6 secs, M8 – 10 secs, M10 – 15 secs, M12 – 22 secs, M16 – 33 secs, M20 – 45 secs.
You will see this thermal heating function can replace expensive gas bottles for many applications!

A video demonstrating this function is available on the Oxford welding YouTube link.



Thermal gouging using plasma on most machines is too vicious & the arc has a tendency to cut into the metal rather than gouge metal. These OXFORD plasma models have a soft arc when gouging which is better for removing just the metal you need to remove. The process is fast & precise & the compact torch allows you to get into places where a grinder would not be possible. This is particularly useful for bevelling & metal preparation, removing welds, removing wear plates etc.

Cutmaker 1000 models give great gouging performance from small light jobs right up to the heaviest job. The arc stretch on all our models is unbeatable.  Can also be used for automated gouging with robots or Gullco carriages & tractors.


Why accept an imported machine when you can buy a top quality British made machine for a similar price?


Every Oxford welding machine is offered with the following guarantees:
2 year warranty all items
5 year main transformer warranty (the heart of the machine)
20 year minimum guarantee of spares availability

Find out about this product and Oxford as a brand at the Oxford welders web page


Please note:  Oxford machines are built to order and may take 7 – 14 working days from order to be built and dispatched.  If you place an order online, one of sales team will be in touch to confirm delivery time scales.  Also note our returns policy for these machines on our terms and conditions page.


Cutmaker 1000 torch


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