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NM Cutting Torch Small Circle Cutting Attachment

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  • Circle Cutting
  • Fits NM Torches
  • Brass Construction
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A cutting attachment for use with Oxy Propane or Oxy Acetylene cutting when using an NM (nozzle mix) cutting torch.  Made of brass, this little tool clamps onto the pipes to the torch head.

A height adjustable pin allows optimal adjustment of the cutting height to reduce blowback, prolonging torch consumables.  The height adjustment also allows the user to use either PNM, ANM, PNME, or ANME nozzles.

Since the attachment clamps to the pipes of the torch, the longer the NM torch is, the larger the radius of the circle being cut can be.


Instructions for use:

A pierce hole is made in the material in which the circle cut is to be made in.

From the pierce hole, a cut can be made to where the circumference of the hole is to be located.  This will be the starting point for the circular cut.

A centre punch is used to establish a pivot point for the centre of the circle.  This is where the of the circle cutting attachment will locate into.

Sliding the cutting attachment along the tubes of the NM torch and securing with the brass nut will dictate the radius of the cut.


  • The top knob of the attachment opens up the jaws and tightens them onto the pipes of the NM torch, whilst the bottom knob is used to adjust the standoff from the nozzle to the workpiece.
  • When set close to the torch cutting head, the pin can simply be used as a standoff guide to allow optimal distance from the nozzle to the job and can be used as a drag cutting attachment.

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