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NEVOC Connection Argon Regulator – Side Entry

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  • Single Stage
  • Two Gauge
  • NEVOC Fitting



A single style argon and argon mix regulator with side entry, suitable for 300 bar argon cylinders with a NEVOC (externally threaded) cylinder connection.

Designed to step down the pressurised contents of a pressure 300 bar compressed gas cylinder. The resulting pressure of gas can be used in Argon or Argon/CO2 shielded MIG or TIG welding.

A side entry regulator is preferential when using a number of different branded welding gas cylinders, which utilise a side outlet. A standard bottom entry regulator can be used but the gauges would be on there side. A side entry regulator eliminates the need for a 90 degree cylinder adaptor.


A NEVOC female side entry connection fits specific 300 bar cylinders (if in doubt, feel free to ask).

Clock gauge shows cylinder contents and another gauge shows outlet flow in litres per minute (LPM)


NEVOC stands for “New European Valve Outlet Connections”.  They are specific to the higher pressure, 300 bar cylinders provided by some gas cylinder manufacturers.  The benefit of a 300 bar cylinder is the decreased size of the cylinder to contain more gas and the reduction of refills required.  Visually, a NEVOC connection is an externally threaded fitting on the outlet of the Argon or Argon mix shielding gas cylinder.



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