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Mosa TS 600 EVO Diesel Welder Generator

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  • AC generator Output – Multi Voltage 20 kVA
  • Welding Output – 550 Amps
  • Diesel Engine, Air Cooled


Mosa EVO TS600 Diesel Welder Generator

The new Mosa EVO series develops upon the success of the TS range which is now well established within industry. A quality air cooled Deutz engine drives the welder generator.
The signature Mosa asynchronous alternator supplies multi voltage auxiliary power of 110V, 230V and 400V.
Designed for professional use, the TS 600 EVO is capable of an impressive welding duty cycle of 550A @ 60% and 500A @ 100%.


The engine driven Mosa TS 600 EVO is a Constant Current (CC) professional machine with electronic control of the welding current.

  • Manual metal arc / Stick welding (SMAW)
  • Scratch start DC TIG welding (GTAW)
  • Large fuel tank for long running times
  • AC Auxiliary power – Single phase 230V and 110V as well as Three phase
  • World class engine
  • Modern and functional design
  • Optimised cooling system
  • Machine parameters and digital welding control
  • Optional digital voltmeters and digital welding ammeter
  • Optional reverse polarity inversion


Suggested applications for this engine driven welder include; mining and quarrying, pipeline construction, ship repair & construction, steel fabrication and construction, steel fabrication and construction, refinery and petrochemical construction, heavy plant maintenance and shutdown.


This series of Welder Generators are a complete power solution. Mains welding or cutting machines can be powered directly from this EVO series of machine driven welders using AC Multi voltage auxiliary power.



Welding Cable Set, Remote Control, Tig Torch Package, Two Wheel Site Tow, Two Wheel Road Tow, Service Filter Kit



SMAW (STICK)/ GTAW (TIG) CC (Costant Current)

  • Current range:             Up to 550A
  • Duty cycle:                   550A @ 60% 500A @ 100%



Three phase 400V       20kVA

Single phase 230V       10kVA

Single phase 110V       5kVA


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