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Mosa TS 405 EVO Diesel Welder Generator

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  • AC generator – Multi Voltage 14 kVA
  • Welding Output – 400 Amps
  • Diesel, Air Cooled Engine
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The Mosa TS 405 EVO is an Italian made 380A industrial water cooled diesel welder generator.  A constant current and constant voltage (CC/CV) machine, the TS 405 EVO is suitable for stick and TIG welding.

A 38 litre fuel tank allows 11.5 hours running time and 4 auxiliary sockets are equipped providing 400V, 230V and 110V power, perfect for running lighting, grinders and other site equipment.


  • Multi-process DC arc welder
  • Choice of welding control panel
  • Digital adjustment of the welding parameters
  • Welding arc adjustment and multi-process parameters
  • Ammeter and digital welding voltmeter with pre-setting of the welding parameters
  • VRD function
  • AC power generator three-phase and single-phase available during the welding phase
  • Digital engine management and control module
  • Bunded base
  • Canopy with wide opening to allow easy maintenance (replacement of air, oil, fuel filters)
  • Large capacity tank
  • Fuel level sensor
  • External plugs for oil and water drainage
  • Emergency stop button
  • Central lifting eye
  • Compliant with EC / EU Directives


  • Differential switch (400V / 230V)
  • Magnetothermic switch for 230V sockets
  • Magnetothermic switch for 110V sockets
  • Thermal cut-offs for protection 1x 16A sockets for 110V 16A 2P + T CEE socket
  • Output sockets:
    • 1x 400V 32A 3P+N+T CEE
    • 1x 230V 32A 2P+T CEE
    • 1x 110V 32A 2P+T CEE
    • 1x 110V 16A 2P+T CEE
  • Welding output sockets: 1x Welding (+) 400A  1x Welding (-) 400A
  • Remote control connector. Automatic switching upon insertion of the connector.
  • 14-pole connector for connecting the wire feeder or the PL 400 Box. External polarity inversion
  • VRD ON / OFF switch


AC Generation – Three Phase 14 kVA 400V
AC Generation – Single Phase 8 kVA 230V
Insulating Class H
DC Welding – Stick – CC – Range 20 – 400 Amps
DC Welding – Stick – CC – O.C.V. 75Vcc
DC Welding – Stick – CC – Duty Cycle 330A@60% – 300A@100%
DC Welding Mig/Flux Core – Voltage Range 15-45V
DC Welding Mig/Flux Core – Duty Cycle 330A@60% – 300A@100%
Engine Type – Diesel – 4 Stroke KOHLER KDW1003
Engine Output 15.6 kW (21.2 hp)
Engine Speed 3000 rpm
Displacement 3 / 1028 cm³ (1.028 lt.)
Cylinders 3
Fuel Consumption 4.9 lit./h @ 100%
Fuel Tank Capacity 38 Litres
Running Time (60% Duty Cycle) 11.5 Hours
Protection IP 23
Noise Level 94.7 dB(A) (69.7 dB(A) @ 7 m)
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1433 x 710 x 945
Weight 455 Kg



The Mosa TS 405 Multi 4Lovato RGK420SA control unit has an ignition key and push buttons for controlling the engine. A wide LCD display allows the visualization of alarms and the monitoring of machine parameters. The main features are:

  • User interface with symbols, codes and texts.
  • Setpoints adjustable via controller buttons or PC
  • Remote Start and Stop
  • Configurable inputs and outputs
  • NFC interface for wireless programming

The front control panel that uses an analog control dial to operate the mandatory features of the TS 275 EVO, which include:

  • Current range control.
  • Arc-force range control.
  • Half scale for precision adjustment of current control.






The digital control that implements added user features, such as:

  • Current range control
  • Arc-force range control
  • Display to view current and voltage
  • LED to check the VRD status





TBWS are able to access an impressive back catalogue of spares, parts and accessories for the Mosa range. This, coupled with the best build quality of Mosa machines, makes for machines that are built to last through servicing and repairs if required.


Suitable for a wide range of uses including mobile welding, site fabrication, maintenance and pipeline construction.




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