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Mosa TS 350 YSX/EL – Diesel Engine Driven Welder Generator

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  • AC generator Output – Multi Voltage 12 kVA
  • Welding Output – 350 Amps
  • Diesel, Water Cooled Engine



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The TS 350 YSX/EL is a water cooled engine driven welder by Mosa.  With super silenced canopy providing up to 350 amp DC welding output and able to operate at a low range between 20-200 amps for special electrodes.  The Yanmar water-cooled diesel engine features an electric start and benefits from low/high oil temperature automatic shut-down.

It has a dual range function and an open circuit voltage of 65V. Incorporated in this model is a 12V battery, a battery charge indicator and the TS 350 benefits from an electric start.

An advantage of this welder is its’ diesel , YANMAR engine which runs to a high specification and is very efficient with a fuel consumption of 3.5 litres per hour. The engine output is 16.5kw (22.3 hp) and has the capacity to generate an accessible speed of 3000 rpm and a multi voltage AC generator output of 12 kVA.   .

With a weight of 535kg, the TS 350 YSX/EL welder is also EEC noise compliant.

Equipped with all the usual TS series features including thermal shut off, emergency stop button and stepless welding control. Also featuring the Mosa Patented auto idle control where an electromagnetic controlled Solenoid forces the engine speed to a minimum when not under load. When the load is present, welding or auxiliary output, the electromagnet is not supplied any more and the engine speed goes to the maximum.

Central to the success of Mosa Welder Generators is the Mosa asynchronous welding alternator. This brushless alternator designed and manufactured in house by Mosa offers excellent welding characteristics and simultaneous AC auxiliary power and requires no maintenance as there are no brushes to wear and the solid rotor has no windings.

TBWS are able to access an impressive back catalogue of spares, parts and accessories for the Mosa range. This, coupled with the best build quality of Mosa machines, makes for machines that are built to last through servicing and repairs if required.




Additional extras available:

Welding Cable Set

Wheels and Handles Kit

Two Wheel Site Tow, Road Tow

Remote Control

Service Filter Kit.



  • Current range, Continuous:                        20 – 350A
  • Duty cycle:                                                    interment 350A @ 35%   320A @ 60%    270A @ 100%
  • Open circuit voltage:                                   65 V
  • Low Range (20-200 amps) For Special Electrodes
  • AC Generator Output – Multi Voltage 12kVA
  • Electric Start
  • Water Cooled Yanmar Diesel Engine
  • Long Run Tank – 13 Hours
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Auto Idle Control
  • Super Silenced Canopy-Lockable
  • EEC Noise Compliant

Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 1610 x 720 x 1100 (without wheels and towbar)
Displacement/Cylinders: 1116 cm3/3
Engine Type: Yanmar Diesel, Water-cooled, 4 stroke
Fuel Consumption 3.5 l/hr
Insulating Class H
Protection IP 23
Running Time 13 hours @ 60% load

Single Phase 3.5 kVA/110V/32A
Tank capacity: 45 litres
Weight (kg): 535 (without wheels and towbar)

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