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Mosa PTO Tractor Generator – GXT AWB4-50

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  • PTO Generator
  • Single/Three-phase: 20/50 kVA
  • Weight: 298 Kg
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The Mosa PTO Generator (power take off) line are generating sets offering power generation using the engine of a tractor.  This machine comes with a three point hitch and is adapted to PTO 430 RPM.  A recessed panel protects the controls and sockets from accidental damage and a strong tubular steel frame provides protection to the machine.

Equipped with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) control, ensuring very stable power for equipment including sensitive electronics, computers, power tools etc.

PTO Generators (tractor driven generators) are quite often forgotten about. They actually represent excellent value.  By utilising a tractor to drive the generator, running costs are reduced and cost savings are to be had as there is no added cost of buying an engine.  PTO Generator sets provide a very reliable and extremely economical source of power generation.



The Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) is an electronic device that regulates the voltage level at all times to maintain precise AC output from the generating set. The AVR calculates how much voltage has to be sent to the exciter numerous times a second, therefore stabilising the output voltage to a predetermined set point.

The control characteristics of an AVR system are much more accurate than those of self-regulated alternators.



Article no. T42AD000
Specifications Data
PTO: 430 rpm
Engine power: 68.4 kW / 93 HP
3 point: Suitable for category 1 and 2
Synchronous brushless generator: 4 pole, 1500 rpm
PRP three phase power: 50 kVA / 400 V
PRP 1 phase current: 20 kVA / 230 V
Sockets: 1 x 400V – 125A & 1x230V – 32A
The degree of encapsulation: 23 IP
Bipolar switch:
Frequency Meter:
Over- / undervoltage protection:
Dimensions (L x W x H): 113.5 x 64 x 91.5 cm
Weight: 298 kg


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