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Mosa Generator Remote Control – TCM40

£175.00 ex VAT

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  • Key Start Remote Control
  • 10m length
  • See details for compatible machines



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Mosa TCM40 generator remote control, allowing key operated start/stopping of the machine from up to 10 metres distance.
The coupling of the TCM 40 with the generating set, ready for remote starting, permits to work far from the set itself.
The remote control is connected to the front plate, and/or rear plate, with a multiple connector.

The TCM 40 assures the following fonctions:

  • Preheat (Use only for the models that need such function)
  • Starting
  • Stop
  • Indication of oil low pressure


Suitable for the following machines only:


GE 22 VSX, GE 33 VSX and GE 40 VSX