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Mosa GE 17000 HBT Petrol Generator

£4,630.00 ex VAT

Further Reductions Available On Request 01276 505012

  • 3000 RPM Petrol Engine
  • Single-phase: 7.5 kVA Three-phase: 16.5 kVA
  • Weight: 155 Kg



The MOSA GE 17000 HBT is a petrol generator powered by the HONDA iGX 800 engine with electronic speed control.  Perfect for heavy duty applications this generator produces 16.5kVA (13.2kW) three phase and 7.5kVA single phase power.


MOSA model GE 17000 HBT is a compact petrol generating set, featuring an 18 litre fuel tanks for 3.8 hours continuous operation and is easily transportable using the optional trolley thanks to its weight of 155kg. Thanks to a Compound System the Generator is able to deliver the required current when heavy loads are required (example – motor starting).  Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) equipped, with a voltage fluctuation of ±1% making it suitable to run sensitive equipment.

The Mosa design incorporates a steel structure with engine and alternator mounted on anti-vibration dampers to increase service life and reduce noise. A recessed panel protects the sockets and controls from accidental damage whilst a tubular steel frame provides protection for the complete machine.

The control panel houses the sockets and machine controls including ELCB-GFI, circuit breaker and thermal shut off.

Suitable for a wide range of uses in general construction, equipment rental, events and standby applications.

In according with CE regulation

The exceptional build quality of Mosa Generators and their impressive spare parts back catalogue make for machines built to last.

Optional Extras:Earthing Kit and Manual Trolley


TBWS have supplied many of this type of generator in the spray foam sector, proving these generating sets to be incredibly reliable and robust, dealing with daily prolonged use.  If you are a spray foam contractor and require a generator and compressor for your rig, please don’t hesitate to ask and we will come up with a competitive package price to suit your businesses needs.  We are able to supply large petrol or diesel compressors from a multitude of brands (Not all listed on the site)



  • Starting key
  • LED oil alert
  • Hour counter
  • Fuel cock
  • Auto-Idle switch (only for version with Auto Idle)
  • Multifunction digital instrument: Voltmeter / Frequency meter / Total hours
    counter / Partial hours counter (resettable)
  • Switch magnetermic
  • Differential switch
  • Magnetothermic switch for 230V 16A sockets
  • Output sockets: 1x 400V 32A 3P + N + T CEE 2x 230V 16A 2P + T CEE
  • Earth terminal (PE)


• Engine shut down for low oil level (oil alert)
• Sockets: 1 x 400V 32A  2 x 230V 16A
• Protective frame


• Dimensions: 935x525x645 mm
• Dry weight: 155 kg
• Acoustic power LwA (pressure LpA): 99 dB(A) (74 dB(A) @ 7m)



Model Fuel Starter Output Stand By Output PRP Cylinders / Displacement Speed Cooled
Honda iGX 800 Petrol Electric 16.5 kVA (13.2 kW) / 400V /23.8A 14.5 kVA (11.6 kW) / 400 V /20.5 A 2 a V / 779 cm³ (0.779 lt.) 3000 rpm Air


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