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Mosa DSP 600 PS/EL Diesel Welder Generator

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  • AC generator Output – Multi Voltage 30 kVA
  • Welding Output – 600 Amps
  • Diesel, Water Cooled Engine


Mosa DSP 600 PS/EL Diesel Welder Generator

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The DSP 600 PS/EL diesel welding generator uses chopper technology in this MOSA built machine. With 600 amp DC Welding output and a large fuel tank with 16 hour run time, this is a heavy duty machine for industrial use. All driven by a diesel water cooled engine providing a multi voltage 30 kVA generator output.

Features WDC (Welding digital control) and designed for rigorous welding applications. This welder generator is from a range of heavy duty, multi process welder-generators, made by MOSA. Heavy duty construction with a solid chassis and roll bar, also with a long run time on one tank of fuel. Offers 5 welding programmes for contact TIG DC, MMA Stick with 3 Arc Force settings including cellulose pipe electrodes plus a programme for CV MIG welding using the optional MOSA WF4 wire feed unit.

The engine driven Mosa welder DSP 600 PS/EL is a Constant Current (CC), Constant Voltage (CV) professional machine with electronic control of the welding current.  CC and CV welding output modes are selectable:

  • In Constant Current (CC) Mode, it is possible to choose between a characteristic with adjustable arc force, suitable for MMA and TIG welding (With Scratch Start).
  • In Constant Voltage (CV) mode it is possible to MIG weld using the optional WF4 Mosa Wire Feed Unit.  Capable of Wire welding both Solid and Flux Cored wires.

The DSP range of engine driven welders operate at high frequency using the Digital Signal Processor. The welding voltage or current is controlled, cycle by cycle,using patented technology. An innovative microcomputer within the machine is programmed with this sophisticated software.  This DSP technology creates an extremely stable output of welding current or voltage by almost instantaneous control of the welding parameters.

All of this is achieved using just four main components; A HALL sensor very accurately measures the welding current, a small reactance and a chopper diode bridge which is controlled by the digital welding control.

There is also a power change-over switch which allows for polarity change if this is a desired option. A special programme makes this possible.

The DSP series provides a very high quality welding output. Very few component parts reduces the number of required connections to a minimum so increasing this output further more.

Suggested applications for this engine driven welder include; mining and quarrying, pipeline construction, ship repair & construction, steel fabrication and construction, steel fabrication and construction, refinery and petrochemical construction, heavy plant maintenance and shutdown.

The Welding Digital Control functions include; GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding – TIG), SMAW (Sheilded Metal Arc Welding), GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding – MIG), FCAW (Flux Cored Arc Welding).

This series of Welder Generators are a complete power solution. Mains welding or cutting machines can be powered directly from this DSP series of machine driven welders using AC Multi voltage auxiliary power.



SMAW (STICK)/ GTAW (TIG) CC (Constant Current)

  • Current range:              10 – 600A
  • Duty cycle:                    600A – 35%, 550 A – 60%, 500A – 100%
  • Open circuit voltage:   60 V

GMAW (MIG)/ FCAW (FLUX CORED) CV (Constant Voltage)

  • Voltage range:              16 – 44V
  • Duty cycle:                    550A 60% – 500A 100%




Welding Cable Set, Remote Control, CC/CV MIG Wire Feed Package, Tig Torch Package, Parallel Box Kit, Two Wheel Site Tow, Two Wheel Road Tow, Service Filter Kit, Spark Arrestor/Chalwyn Valve.


Current Range (Continuous) 10 – 600A
Open Circuit Voltage 60V
Duty Cycle (Intermittent) 600A @ 35% 550A @ 60%
Electrode Diameters 1.6 – 8 mm
AC Generation – Three Phase 30 kVA 400V @ 100% Duty Cycle (43.3 A)
AC Generation – Single Phase 15 kVA 230V @ 100% Duty Cycle (65.2 A)
AC Generation – Single Phase C.T.E. 8 kVA 110V @ 100% Duty Cycle (54.5 A)
Engine Type Perkins 1103 33G Diesel, 4 Stroke, Water Cooled
Engine Output – Standby/P.R.P. 30.4 kW (40.8 HP) – 27.7 kW (37.1 HP)
Engine Speed 1500 rpm
Displacement/Cylinders 3300 cm3/3
Fuel Consumption 4.06 l/hr
Fuel Tank Capacity 65 Litres
Running Time @ 60% Load 16 Hours
Protection IP 23
Noise Level 96 LWA 71dB(A)
Weight Kg (Without Wheel Kit) 980
Dimensions (mm) 2000 x 850 x 1130


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