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Mixed Pack of TIG Welding Tungstens (Pack of 10) 1.6mm

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A mixed pack of 1.6mm TIG welding tungsten electrodes.  Not sure which tungsten suits you best, would like to try each to see the difference?  We have split packs to make a selection.

Included in the pack are two of each of the following:  Blue (2% Lanthanated), Red (2% Thoriated), Green (Pure), White (Zirconiated), and Grey (Ceriated) .

2% Lanthanated Tungstens (Blue Tip)

2% lanthanated (blue tip) are a popular all rounder tungsten electrode for use in both AC and DC TIG welding.  Lanthanated tungstens provide ease of arc starting and lower amperage requirements.  Performing exceptionally well in both AC and DC, these tungsten electrodes are effective for welding aluminium alloys, magnesium alloys, copper alloys, titanium alloys, low alloyed steels and non- corroding steels.

These ‘superstrike’ tungstens are said to offer improved performance and safety when compared to thoriated in DC and better stability in AC over a 0-300 amp current range.

Suitable for AC and DC TIG welding.

2% Thoriated Tungstens (Red Tip)

Thoriated tungsten electrodes are the most commonly used today, preferred by many for their longevity and ease of use.  Often referred to as 2% thoriated, they contain a minimum of 97.30 % tungsten and 1.7 – 2 % thorium.  The thorium improves arc start and allows for a higher current capacity due to the increased electron emission qualities of the electrode.  Thoriated tungstens operate far below their melting temperature.  Because of this, the tungstens are consumed less in the welding process and tend to deposit less into the weld puddle, minimising contamination.


Thoriated tungstens can be used in DC negative or straight polarity on carbon steel, stainless, titanium and nickel.

Also suitable for speciality AC welding (such as thin gauge aluminium)


During manufacturing, thorium is evenly dispersed throughout the electrode, which helps the tungsten maintain its sharpened edge—the ideal electrode shape for welding thin steel—after grinding.

Note: Thorium is radioactive; therefore, you must always follow the manufacturer’s warnings, instructions, and the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for its use.

Pure Tungstens (Green Tip)

Pure tungsten electrodes contain 99.5% tungsten.  Typically less expensive than the “alloyed” alternatives, pure tungstens have the highest consumption rate of all the electrodes.

Pure tungstens provide great arc stability in AC welding, forming a clean balled tip when heated.  Pure tungsten also provides good arc stability for AC sine wave welding, especially on aluminum and magnesium.  They are not typically used in DC TIG welding.  Pure tungsten do not provide as strong arc starts as thoriated or ceriated tungsten electrodes.


Suitable for AC TIG welding.


0.8% Zirconiated Tungstens (White Tip)

Suitable for AC TIG welding only, zirconiated tungsten electrodes produce an extremely stable arc.  The Zirconium content provides a high resistance to contamination in the weld, resisting tungsten spitting and the tungsten retains a balled tip.  In terms of current carrying capability, Zirconiated tungstens are equal or greater than thoriated tungsten.

Suitable for AC welding only eg Aluminium


2% Ceriated Tungstens (Grey Tip)

Ceriated tungstens contain a minimum of 97.3% tungsten and between 1.8 and 2.2 % cerium.  Often refered to as 2% Ceriated, these tungstens are suited to DC welding at low current settings (for example, thin sheet mild steel) but can also be used in AC TIG welding.  Very similar in welding characteristics to 2 % thoriated, ceriated tungstens are best used for welding carbon steel, stainless, nickel alloys and titanium.

2 % Ceriated tungstens are particularly useful for welding small and delicate parts or thin material at low current settings.  Ceriated electrodes are not suited to high amperages due to the tendency for oxides to migrate to the heat at the tip, removing the oxide content and nullifying its process benefits.


Suitable for AC and DC TIG welding.


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