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0.6mm Mild Steel MIG Wire A18 SG2 G3Si1 | 15kg Spool

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  • A18 SG2 G3Si1
  • General Purpose Steel
  • 15kg – 0.6mm



Standard Mild steel 0.6mm MIG Wire for use with Argon Mix Shielding gas. This grade of MIG Wire is the most commonly used by Fabricators and Welders working with Mild steel.

Copper coated double-deoxidised SG2 mild steel MIG wire for welding unalloyed and low-alloyed mild and medium tensile steels, for impact toughness down to -30C. Manufactured with a high-quality copper (0.08%) finish for improved feeding. Precision layer wound.  A 15kg MIG wire spool is suitable for the larger industrial MIGs such as the larger MIG welders in the Jasic and Cebora ranges and all Oxford and TecArc (non-inverter) MIGs.

G3Si1 is suitable for use in general fabrication, steel construction, automotive, machinery production, ship building, boiler tanks, pipe parts, thin walled steels, and sheet welding. Comprises manganese (1.45%) and silicon (0.85%) to provide great welding properties, and designed with smooth feedability in mind for the best results possible. Able to perform effectively in all major welding positions.


G3Si 1 Mechanical Properties



G3Si 1 Welding Positions


Material to be welded:

Can be used on a wide variety of mild steels, structural steel, fine-grain steel, pipe steel, boiler steel, and cast steel.

Current : DC =+

Shielding Gas: CO2, Argon/CO2 MIX

G3Si 1 Operating Data


Please note that these 15kg spools will not fit all of our MIG welders.  If in doubt, please call and one of our team will happily advise.



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