MIG “Helper” Pliers

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  • MIG Pliers
  • Multi purpose
  • Comfortable handle



Performs many tasks to aid smooth MIG welding, including removal of spatter from in around the shroud, drawing out and cutting off wire, fitting and removing contact tips and shrouds. These pliers are both comfortable to handle and durable in use.

The pointed nose of the pliers can be used with one prong inside the MIG nozzle and the other on the outside.  A rotational movement removes spatter from inside and outside the shroud.  By removing spatter, shielding gas flows unrestricted which will help with weld appearance and reduce the chances of defects.

The long nose of the pliers can also be used to draw wire out through the contact tip and integrated snips allow the user to snip the MIG wire to achieve an optimal stick out before welding.

Other parts of the jaws of the pliers are designed to be used to remove the contact tip, insulator or shroud from your MIG torch.


Perfect for keeping in the tool box or on the welder trolley for quick torch maintenance.



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