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Micro Jasic EVO Wireless Handheld Remote Control (HRC-03)

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Jasic Evo 2.0 Series LogoJasic Micro EVO Wireless Remote Control

The Micro bluetooth Remote Control for the Jasic EVO range, part number HRC-03, perfect for wireless welding parameter adjustment.

Compatible with EVO 2.0 MMA inverter welders.

Provides a convenient method for the welder to adjust the welding current in both TIG and MMA modes using a car key sized fob.  Furthermore, the wireless remote control has an impressive range of upto 30 meters of the machine.

Coupled with a very straightforward + and – button system to increase or decrease the welding current.  Particularly useful if you are working with longer welding cables or at distance from your welder as the welding current can be altered without the requirement of going back to the machine. Additionally increases productivity and also safety as a result of fewer trips to and from the power source. Constructed from robust damage resistant plastic. A dedicated wireless remote control without any mechanical parts. The device comes complete with the transceiver.


The Micro Jasic EVO wireless Remote Control is compatible with the following Inverter Welders from the EVO 2.0 range -:

MMA Machines
  • Jasic EVO ARC 160 PFC (EA-160) – Adjust the Welding Current in MMA and TIG Mode
  • Jasic EVO ARC 200 PFC (EA-200) – Adjust the Welding Current in MMA and TIG Mode


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