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Metalynx Clean & Strip Disc | 4.5 Inch (115mm)

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  • Coarse Disc
  • Load and Heat Resistant
  • Open Weave Technology


Metalynx 4.5 Inch Clean & Strip Disc 115mm

Metalynx clean & strip discs are a superior non-woven alternative to wire brushes, they are safe and highly effective when cleaning welds, removing rust, stripping paint and the removal of thermal bluing.

Perfect for use on a wide variety of metal surfaces including Stainless Steel. The open construction combined with the aggressive abrasive properties provides a smooth running wheel that resists loading when removing soft coatings.  Using a sharp synthetic extra coarse silicon carbide abrasive is great for typical low-pressure applications such as paint preparation, breaking down faster than aluminium oxide to give a high-quality finish. Smear resistant open weave material ensures that the disc will wear uniformly over the course of its lifecycle.  By limiting fibre clogging, the abrasive materials keep their high cutting performance. Metalynx clean & strip discs are 115mm (diameter) x 22mm (centre hole).


Product Details
  • Thin width gets into tight corners for complete cleaning, stripping, and surface prep
  • Provides greater surface area than wire brushes
  • Extra coarse grade silicon carbide provides aggressive cutting and leaves a better finish than wire brushes
  • Load and heat resistance offers prolonged operation and consistent finishing results throughout disc life
  • Smear resistant non-woven material ensures the disc wears uniformly over its life
  • Smear resistant, non-woven web material provides uniform wear over the life of the disc


Additional information

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