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LS 8 200 Fiac Light Silver Screw Air Compressor – 8HP 200L

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  • Rotary Screw compressor  – 8 HP
  • Three Phase
  • 200 Litre Receiver – 25.7 CFM Output
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Fiac LS 8 200 Light Silver Screw Air Compressor – 6HP 200L

The Fiac light silver LS 8 200 is a screw air compressor providing many advantages over a standard belt driven piston air compressor.  The benefits of screw technology include quieter operation, cleaner air delivery, energy efficiency and increased air delivery.

The light silver range from Fiac are for less demanding tasks then the industrial screw compressors produced by Fiac.  They are smaller and are designed as an alternative from a piston compressor.  The light silver range satisfy the requirements for high demands of compressed air, where pressure reliability is crucial.

The LS 8 200 is a 3 phase screw compressor with a 8HP motor and a 200L receiver, producing 25.7CFM of air at 10 Bar.


  • New generation air end
  • Superior performance over piston air compressors
  • Market leading power and free air delivery (FAD)
  • Energy efficient with reduced carbon emissions
  • Environmentally friendly; Less oil consumption and carry over
  • Maintenance free core components
  • Energy efficient with reduced CO2 emissions


  • With an oil carry over of less than 6 PPM, Fiacs rotary screw compressors deliver much cleaner air than a piston air compressor (more than 30 PPM)


  • Up to 20 dB(A) quieter than a piston air compressor, Fiacs light silver machines can be located closer to the user.  Ideal also where space is at a premium and the air compressor needs to be situated within a relatively confined area, where noise would otherwise be a nuisance.


  • Compact design with easy access to core components.


This Fiac compressor is backed by a 2 year on site warranty.


Motor 8 HP
CFM @ 10 Bar 25.7
Phases 3
Air Receiver Litres 200
Noise Level 70 dB(A)
Dimensions 1443mm x 608mm x 1117mm

TBWS have been dealing with Fiac machines for years now.  They are brought into the UK by Wilkinson Star, based in Manchester.  With some of the best after sales service out there, Fiac have dedicated engineers available in the unlikely event of a warranty claim.  Outside of warranty, parts availability is very good too.  We often supply parts for Fiac air compressors that are 20 + years old and mostly, parts are available from the shelf next day.


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