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Lightweight Gas Welding & Cutting Set

£180.00 ex VAT

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  • Oxy Acetylene
  • Lightweight – Welding & Cutting



This Oxy Acetylene gas welding and cutting kit by GTECH – Starparts, is a quality oxy-acetylene kit supplied in a strong tool box, ready to get you started.  This gas welding and cutting set is ready to connect to most types of Oxy/Acetylene gas cylinders.  Equipped flashback arrestors offer peace of mind and safety during operation.

Ideal for automotive and light sheet metal work, the easy adaptation of the handle makes these torches suitable for welding, cutting and heating operations.


Included in the kit:

  • Single stage 2 gauge Oxygen regulator – 300 Bar
  • Single stage 2 gauge Acetylene regulator – 25 Bar
  • In line Oxygen flashback arrestor
  • In line fuel flashback arrestor
  • 6mm blue hose 5m fitted with 1/4″ check valve
  • 6mm red hose 5m fitted with 1/4″ check valve
  • Lightweight shank
  • Lightweight cutting attachment
  • Lightweight mixer
  • Swaged welding nozzle no 3 – 2.0mm plate thickness
  • Swaged welding nozzle no 5 – 2.6mm plate thickness
  • ANM cutting nozzle 1/32″ – suitable for cutting 3 to 6mm plate thickness.
  • ANM cutting nozzle 3/64″ – suitable for cutting 5 to 12mm plate thickness.
  • Metal box tip cleaner
  • Single flint lighter
  • Combination spanner
  • Stainless steel tool case.



  • Gas regulators should be replaced/inspected every 5 years.  The G-Tech Oxygen and Acetylene gas regulators supplied in this kit are date stamped as per CP7 requirements as detailed by the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA).  Regulators supplied have 2 gauges, displaying cylinder pressure and flow respectively.  The regulators have a forged brass body and colour coded knobs for clear identification of gas type – Red for acetylene and blue for Oxygen.  5/8 BSP inlet and 3/8 BSP outlet.  Regulators conform to ISO 2503 standards.


  • 2 X Non-resettable flashback arrestors included for use with Oxygen and Acetylene gases with 3/8 BSP connections respectively. Fitted next to the regulator and before the fuel gas hose, a flashback arrestor is an essential safety device when using oxy fuel equipment.  The main function of the flashback arrestor is to prevent gas mixtures occurring with potentially very dangerous consequences. An FBA (Flashback arrestor) should be fitted to both the Fuel gas (acetylene) and Oxygen hose lines. A fuel gas FBA has a left hand thread, whilst Oxygen flashback arrestors have a right hand thread. The difference in thread direction being another safety device to stop a mix up of equipment and potential gas mixtures being possible.


  • 6mm 5 metre length gas hoses included with 1/4″ check valve (one way) safety devices fitted one end and a hose tail and 3/8″ nut the other.  Assembled and tested conforming to ISO 1256:2006, manufactured from EPDM compound for high abrasion and weather resistance, with high compression fittings and flame trap hose check valves.  Each hose is dated to signify when they are due to be changed as per CP7 guidelines.


  • The included lightweight cutting attachment has a lever for on/off and a valve for start up and shut down procedures.  The shank itself also has the fuel and oxygen valves to allow the user to fine tune the gas mixture for an optimal flame.  Male connections fit onto the supplied hoses with the red valved connection having a LH thread for the fuel gas and the blue valved connection with a RH thread for connection with the Oxygen hose.


  • For welding, 2 lightweight welding nozzles are included in sizes #3 and #5, suitable for 2.0 and 2.6mm plate thickness respectively.


  • Cutting nozzles are also supplied within the kit.  With a ANM 1/32″ nozzle for cutting 3 to 6mm materials and a 3/64″ nozzle for 5mm -12mm.


  • Other accessories are available, such as different nozzles for welding and nozzles for cutting


Type 5
  • Physically larger and heavier than the lightweight shanks available.
    • Less flexible
    • Increased fatigue when in use
  • Allows connection to larger bore hose and hence increased flow of gases for a hotter burning flame.  3/8 BSP rather than 1/4 BSP on lightweight shanks.
    • Weld up to 25mm in mild steel
    • Cut up to 150mm with acetylene or 76mm with propane (different hose and regulator required than that included in kit)
  • A type 5 shank is also more versatile, with more attachments available:
    • Heating necks and nozzles
    • Welding nozzles from #1 to #25 (depending on thickness of material)
  • Physically smaller and lighter than the type 5 shank included in this kit.
    • More flexible due to smaller diameter hoses
    • Decreased fatigue and increased dexterity
  • Allows connection to smaller bore hose, less flow than a type 5 and hence a colder burning flame.  1/4 BSP fittings
    • Weld up to 8mm in mild steel
    • Cut up to 25mm
  • Less attachments available:
    • Welding nozzles from #1 to #13 (depending on thickness of material)