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Leather Welding Mask With Lenses (Monkey Mask) – 45cm

£105.00 ex VAT

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  • Leather Mask 45cm
  • Monkey Mask
  • Includes Lenses



A compact leather welding mask, often referred to as a Monkey mask.  This is the longer hood of the 2 available, offering better chest protection than the 30cm variant.  Due to the close fitting nature of a leather mask, they are ideal for getting in to tight spaces.  The goggles within the mask can be flipped up or down ready for welding.  The lenses in these masks are a fixed shade, which means flipping the lenses down just before starting the arc.

Maximum protection is offered from heat and spatter thanks to Kevlar stitching and a leather construction.

We have chosen to supply this mask with a pack of shade 10 lenses and anti spatter cover lenses too, so it is supplied ready to be worn for welding.  If you would like a different shade lens, please specify in the notes section of your order.


The goggles are 2″ (50mm) in diameter and spare lenses are widely available.


Protecting your eyes is a vitally important aspect of safety during welding.  The arc created during the welding process can cause permanent damage to your eyes.  A passive, fixed shade helmet offers suitable protection for welding without the large price tag.


Unlike an auto darkening helmet, a passive helmet requires the user to flip the shaded lens down just before initiating the welding arc, which some welders prefer.  In the early days of welding, before reactive lenses were available, many welders would have used a fixed shade welding shield.

A passive helmet also eliminates some issues that can be experienced with auto darkening helmets not reacting occasionally.  This can be due to the sensors being obstructed or ambient light effecting the reactivity.  A passive helmet is mostly always lighter too.


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