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Lanthanated Black Tip Tungstens for TIG Welding 150mm (Pack of 10)

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  • Black Tip
  • Ferrous / non-ferrous metals
  • AC and DC
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A pack of 10 1% black tip lanthanated tungstens 150mm in length.

Supplied in a handy plastic container for storage.


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1% lanthanated (black tip) are a popular all rounder tungsten electrode for use in both AC and DC TIG welding.  Lanthanated tungsten’s provide ease of arc starting and lower amperage requirements.  Performing exceptionally well in both AC and DC, these tungsten electrodes are effective for welding aluminium alloys, magnesium alloys, copper alloys, titanium alloys, low alloyed steels and non- corroding steels.

Lanthanum is evenly distributed through the length of the electrode.  In conjunction with a well maintained / sharp point ensures accurate welding for steel and stainless steel on DC. Equally good performance in AC when welding Aluminium.

As a result of having similar conductivity capabilities to 2% Thoriated tungsten’s it is possible in some cases to use lanthanated tungsten’s as an alternative without the need for significant changes to the welding program.

Key Features
  • Low burn off rate
  • Excellent arc starting capabilities
  • Great reignition characteristics

These ‘superstrike’ tungstens are said to offer improved performance and safety when compared to thoriated in DC and better stability in AC over a 0-300 amp current range.

Suitable for AC and DC TIG welding.

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