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JM Easy-flo Flux powder

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  • Easy-flo silver flux
  • Working range: 550 – 800ºC
  • 500g tub
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Easy-flo silver flux powder from Johnson Matthey is a general purpose brazing & solder flux powder, designed to be used with Sil-Flow Silver rods. Easy to use protective powder, used during brazing, material has a low brazing temperature and narrow melting range. Free-flows when molten, delivering smooth, even joints with small fillets and minimal effort.

Easy-Flo is a leading brand of brazing powder, and their white silver powder is internationally appraised, popular with distributors and engineers across the field. When using the “hot-rodding” technique, this flux is excellent for pick-up on warmed brazing rods.

Can also be used on stainless steel at <700ºC.


Technical Specifications
EN1045 FH10
Working range 550 – 800ºC
Weight 500G

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Pack Size

1Kg, 2.5Kg, 5Kg


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