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Jasic True Colour Auto Darkening Helmet

£96.75 ex VAT

Further Reductions Available On Request 01276 505012

  • Auto Darkening
  • Fully Variable 5 – 8 & 9 – 13
  • Weight: 536g



Jasic have launched a striking new welding and grinding helmet, offering great value for money for a feature packed helmet.  A large viewing area provides maximum peripheral view and its ultra lightweight construction prevents neck strain.  Jasics advanced UV/IR filters offer a realistic “true colour” view unlike standard auto darkening filters.

Jasic True Colour Filter

 Jasic True Colour View









  • Realistic view due to Jasics “True Colour Technology” – advanced UV/IR filters
  • Prevent eye strain, increase comfort and increase productivity, due to increased visibility
  • A realistic view of the weld puddle to assist production of quality welds
  • Increased view of welding/grinding equipment to ensure settings are correct to achieve optimum welding parameters
  • Large viewing area of 96 x 67mm
  • 4 light sensors – increased detection of the arc
  • Auto darkening of the lens in 0.08ms
  • Advanced Digital Auto Darkening Filter – Fully variable shade 5 – 8 & 9 -13
  • Adjustable delay function 0.1s – 2.0s to prevent eye dazzle when welding is completed
  • Classification: (Optical class: 1, Scattered light: 1, Homogeneity: 1, Angular dependence: 2)
  • Fully adjustable headgear to ensure a comfortable fit
  • “Welding or grinding” selection process mode
  • Ultra lightweight, just 536 grams to reduce strain on the neck and head
  • Battery status display
  • Long battery life: Approx. 1000 hours (Operating)
  • CR2450 3V lithium batteries x 2
  • Conforms to EN166/175B/379 CE, ANSI Z87.1+ CSA Z94.3, AS/NZS1337/1338
  • Supported with a comprehensive ‘3 Year Warranty’ on the ADF Filter (Excludes Batteries)
  • Long Battery Life

Jasic Helmet Functions

Spare Parts include:

  • Front Cover Lens (PK10) Order Code:CR08
  • Inside Cover Lens (PK10) Order Code: BL07

Having used this on a long term test, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it!  Lightweight, nice digital interface for shade settings and easy adjustment.  A simple, easy to rotate knob on the back is used to tighten to the users head.  I like my welding shield to be tight and this wasn’t a problem, even adjusting it with gloves.  View wise, there doesn’t feel like there’s any restriction to field of vision and the true colour provides a good view of the arc and weld puddle.  What we really liked was the external grind button.  Really easy to switch from weld to grind by the touch of a button and at shade 4, it’s easy to see what you are doing.  Thumbs up for the Jasic true colour welding helmet here!


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