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Jasic TIG 202A AC/DC Pulse Analog TIG Welder

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  • Current Range: 5 – 200A
  • Single Phase
  • Weight: 15 Kg



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The Jasic TIG 202A Pulse Analog AC/DC welder is a single phase power source capable of both TIG and MMA processes.  The 202A combines all the excellent features and adjustability on the hugely popular Jasic TIG 200 AC/DC Mini. Being an analog machine, settings are on instantly adjustable knobs without going through a menu to change parameters.  Settings on knobs also allows the user to instantly see how the machine is set, without having to go through a digital menu system.


Designed for precision and reliability, the 202A’s state-of-the-art technology brings us the cutting edge in analog parameters, all controlled via a user-friendly dial range and LCD digital display on the front control panel. Able to weld up to 4.8mm (3/16″) STEEL or STAINLESS STEEL (as well as welding CARBON STEEL, COPPER and NON-FERROUS metals) when using the DC function, or 6.4mm (1/4″) ALUMINIUM when using the AC function. With a smooth and stable arc, delivering excellent weld characteristics.

2T/4T control fuctions available. 2T is a simple press-on/lift-off button control, which keeps the current running when pressed down and cuts power when not. 4T is a system where, once the button is pressed, the arc will stay running until the button is pressed again, which makes it particularly ideal for longer welds.

Fitted with heavy duty 35/50 dinse sockets for connecting the torch to the machine for power and gas.

Package includes a 12.5ft TIG torch and regulator. Optional water cooler available.

Benefits of Pulsed TIG

Pulsed TIG provides further control of the arc and the weld puddle.  By alternating between a peak and base current, the user can minimise heat input into the work piece.  This can be beneficial when welding thinner material to prevent burn through and minimise warping.  Pulse TIG can also help in positional welding.

MMA Functionality

Offering the perfect choice for professional TIG welders seeking precise and reliable performance, the Jasic TIG 202A is also capable of acting as an MMA power source for Arc Welding, benefiting from the following features:

  • Hot start ignition – easier arc starting in MMA mode with difficult to start electrodes and auto-compensation for voltage fluctuations.
  • Anti-Sticking function – reduces the welding current if a short circuit occurs during a weld
  • Self-adaptive arc force technology – maintains the optimum arc conditions during welding, even when using long cables.

Being part of the ‘Jasic Pro’ range, this machine features IGBT Inverter technology meaning the Welder may be run by a generator.

Machine Details

  • TIG Pulse AC/DC with analog control

  • Digital display

  • Peak current control, 2T/4T

  • Pre-post flow time, up/down slope

  • Pulse adjustment

  • Pulse frequency, pulse duty, arc force, cleaning width

  • Remote control interface

  • AC function for aluminium and aluminium alloys

  • DC TIG function for carbon steel,

  • Welding of copper and non-ferrous metals

  • Smooth arc and stable welding performance

  • Heavy duty 35/50 panel socket connections

  • VRD Function

  • AVR generator friendly


JT-202A Specification:


Input Power   AC 230V – 50/60 Hz
leff(A)   17
Input Power (kVA)   7.1
Current Range   MMA 10 – 160 | TIG 5 – 200 Amps
Duty Cycle   MMA 160A @ 30% | TIG 200A @ 25%
Dimensions (mm)   566 x 224 x 405
Weight (Kg)   15
No-Load Voltage (V)   65 (7V VRD)
Protection/Insulation Class   P21S/B


The Jasic TIG 200P Digital Inverter is also available at TBWS


Why buy Jasic

  • Jasic machines are incredibly well equipped and represent excellent value for money
  • Built using highest quality components and IGBT’s
  • An industry leading 5 year extended warranty (when registered online) gives peace of mind
  • In house service work conducted by trained professionals in state of the art facilities
  • Welding Inverters fully comply with all safety and quality standards
  • In 2016, Jasic produced 1 million models, making them one of the largest welding inverter manufacturers in the world
  • Each inverter goes through 42 rigorous test procedures to meet the highest possible standards
  • Huge investment in the R&D of welding inverters to ensure Jasic are at the forefront of development in the field
  • Free product training on all Jasic models provided at the Manchester welding academy
  • Validation of machines available, to comply to EN50504:2008 (Please ask)

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