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Jasic MIG 400 Pro Multi Process Separate Welding Inverter

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  • Current Range: 30 – 400 Amps
  • Three Phase
  • Weight: 53 Kg



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The Jasic MIG 400 Welder from the Pro range is an inverter power source that can provide MIG, MMA and gas less self- shielded welding options.  A high duty cycle (400 Amps @ 80%) and excellent reliability is achievable thanks to the signature Jasic IGBT technology used in their inverters.  Featuring closed loop feedback control: feedback sensors which control the energy delivered to the parts.  This, coupled with a constant voltage input, allows the machine to operate with a wide tolerance to mains fluctuation within ±15%.

The Jasic Mig 400 provides excellent welding characteristics due to its self adjusting welding current and voltage.  Superb weld appearance and high welding efficiency with a stable arc and low spatter are achieved thanks to unique welding dynamic characteristic control circuits in MIG.   With its wire feed interconnections it can be used to weld in a wide radius.  Preferred by many, a separate wire feed unit allows the user to keep the power source from the dirty work environment, protecting it from dust etc, whilst allowing increased mobility to get to the workpiece from a distance.

By removing the ball at the end of the wire after welding, a high no-load voltage, and slow wire feed at the start presents exceptional arc starting. The machine also has a very stable welding current in MMA, excellent arc ignition, and can be used with a wide variety of welding electrodes.

One of the many features on the Jasic MIG 400 is Burn Back Control, meaning when the trigger is released, the wire will stop but the voltage potential will stay on the wire to burn it out of the weld puddle.  This feature improves crater fill and hence, enhances weld appearance.

The machine benefits from 2T and 4T functionality so the user is offered more dexterity and decreased fatigue during welding producing cleaner and more accurate results.  In 2T, press the button to begin the weld and release to stop.  In 4T, press the button on the torch to start the weld, release, then press the button again to stop.

A high inverter frequency greatly reduces the volume and weight of the welder.  A reduction in magnetic and resistance loss enhances the welding efficiency and energy saving effect.  Switching frequency is beyond audio range, which almost eliminates noise pollution.


All Jasics bought from TBWS come with a market leading 5 year warranty, far surpassing all other brands warranties.  Furthermore, Wilkinson Star (UK Jasic importer) operate 3 Jasic dedicated service vehicles around the country.  These vehicles will travel to the work place of an operational machine in the unlikely event of a break down, to carry out repairs and limit interruptions to productivity.  Couple this customer service, the feature packed machines for a fraction of the cost of big brands and great build quality, make these welding inverters hard to beat.  This is backed up by their certified ISO 9001 quality management system and a product range that fully complies with CE, RoHS, C-TICK, CSA and CCC standards.


Key Features

  • IGBT MIG MAG/MMA/Lift Arc TIG Inverter
  • Digital amp and voltmeter
  • High duty cycle
  • Advanced control circuitry
  • Burn back control & wire inching
  • Suitable for 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2mm wire
  • 2T/4T MMA function
  • Power & status LED’s
  • Gas check function
  • Variable inductance
  • Includes MIG torch, trolley, interconnecting cable, gas regulator, work return lead & clamp
  • Accommodates full size gas cylinder
  • Optional accessory; water cooling unit (JWC-01)


Input Voltage (3 Phase) AC 400V – 50/60 Hz
Input Current (A) 26
Current Range (A) 30 – 400
MIG Voltage Range (V) 15-40
No-Load Voltage (V) 62
Wire Speed (m/min) 1-21
Duty Cycle @ 40°C MMA 400A @ 80% MIG 400A @ 100%
Wire Spool Size ø 300mm
Arc Force Range (MMA) 0-250
Power Factor 0.91
Protection Class IP21S
Dimensions (mm) 760 x 365 x 585
Weight: Power Source & Feeder 53 Kg




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