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JASIC MIG 500 Pulse Multi-Process Separate Inverter Welder

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  • Current Range: 30 – 500 Amps
  • 400V 3Ph Power supply
  • Weight: 129Kg
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JASIC MIG 500 Pulse Synergic Inverter With Separate Wire Feed

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The JASIC MIG 500 Synergic Single Pulsed Inverter Welder is a powerful MIG/MAG Synergic System. Using pulsed MIG welding for reduced weld spatter and excellent aesthetic welds decrease post weld clean up and increases productivity as a result.

A robust, multi-purpose pulsed welder suitable for even the most demanding situations, featuring a 5-litre integrated water-cooler. With its innovative and user-friendly digital controls and displays, you can set up this welder for a wide variety of common wire/parent materials and plate thicknesses at the press of a button. A 3-phase machine suitable for industrial use.

Allows the user to save up to 20 job settings at a time; using the same machine for a variety of materials and plate thicknesses up to 25mm was never easier. Simply select a job number using the right hand encoder dial on the power source, set parameters and carry out welding.  Once the weld is compete, the machine will store those settings ready for the next time the user would like to recall them.

With the use of an optional MMA lead, the MIG 500 synergic can also be used for manual metal arc (stick) welding too up to 500 amps DC.

Jasic Pro Arc inverters feature IGBT inverter technology making it possible to use them safely when powered by a generator.

Also features a separate wire-feed unit and power source. A separate wire feed unit is preferred by many as it keeps the vital power source from a dirty work environment, protecting it from dust etc, and extending its life, whilst allowing increased mobility around the workpiece, enabling you to access even the tightest corners.

Allows for:
  • Standard MIG
  • Single Pulse MIG
  • DC MMA
  • DC Lift TIG
With materials such as:
  • Steel with argoshield mix
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Aluminium silicon
  • Two variants of flux-cored wire
  • Aluminium
  • Aluminium magnesium

By reaching high peak current for a short time, pulsed welding creates an artificial spray arc, producing very good welding characteristics, decreasing spatter, and achieving better penetration than conventional MIG welding whilst refraining from burning too quickly through thinner materials.

The JASIC MIG 500 pulses optimised heat control allows for outstanding results on Stainless, Aluminium and thin materials. Lockable settings available on the wire feed unit, so the settings on the power source cannot be changed whilst you’re working away from it.

The easy-to-use interface allows you a full range of controls over amps, voltage, wire feed speed, pre-flow gas, parameter steps.

  • IGBT multi-purpose inverter welder
  • DSP digital technology for optimum weld performance
  • High duty cycle (500A @ 50%)
  • 4 roll wire feed unit
  • Easy parameter setting for the operator
  • Suitable for 0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6mm wires
  • Self-diagnostic system
  • Power & status LED’s
  • Encoder feedback control of wire feed system
  • Inverter trolley takes full size gas bottle



Machine Details

As with all Jasics, this machine comes with a market leading 5 year warranty, far surpassing even the leading brands warranties. Couple this warranty, with feature packed machines and excellent build quality, make Jasic a very difficult product to beat in our opinion. Even after the warranty period, Wilkinson Star (Jasic UK) can repair machines at component level, another very beneficial after sales service. In the event of a breakdown in warranty, Wilkinson Star will arrange an on site visit on a machine of this size. All of this is backed up by the certified ISO 9001 quality management system in place in the factories and a product range that fully complies with CE, RoHS, C-TICK, CSA and CCC standards.

Package Includes:

Inverter power source, 4 roll wire feed unit, 5m interconnecting cable, Titanium 501 water cooled MIG torch, Gas regulator, Earth return lead, Operating instructions.

Not Included:

Mains plug, Electrodes, MIG torch consumables, MMA Leads, Shielding gas, Filler wire, PPE (Welding helmet, gloves, etc) – Available from TBWS (other than shielding gas) – please ask.


Why buy Jasic
  • Jasic machines are incredibly well equipped and represent excellent value for money
  • Built using highest quality components and IGBT’s
  • An industry leading 5 year extended warranty (when registered online) gives peace of mind
  • In house service work conducted by trained professionals in state of the art facilities
  • Welding Inverters fully comply with all safety and quality standards
  • In 2016, Jasic produced 1 million models, making them one of the largest welding inverter manufacturers in the world
  • Each inverter goes through 42 rigorous test procedures to meet the highest possible standards
  • Huge investment in the R&D of welding inverters to ensure Jasic are at the forefront of development in the field
  • Free product training on all Jasic models provided at the Manchester welding academy
  • Validation of machines available, to comply to EN50504:2008 (Please ask)

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