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JASIC MIG 250 Pulse Compact MIG Welder

£1,705.00 ex VAT

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  • Current Range: 40 – 250 Amps
  • 230V 1Ph Power supply
  • Weight: 49.7Kg


JASIC MIG 250 Pulse Compact MIG Welder

The JASIC MIG 250 Pulse Compact is a great value single phase (230V), compact, modern MIG welder with advanced features including pulse, making it suitable for welders of ALL skillsets.

Easy arc starting, low splatter, and stable current control which offers impeccable weld bead shape. It was never easier to achieve beautiful-looking welds! Equipped with a Synergic MIG system, programs preloaded with optimal weld parameters suitable for welders just starting in the craft. Even a beginner can achieve excellent results. Have more experience in the trade? Not to worry! The JASIC MIG 250 Pulse Compact comes with a provision of fine tuning, so even the most skilled welder can exercise his delicate craft with this machine.

Pulsed MIG mode allows for high quality welds with a sublime, spatter-free finish.

Compact, neat and easy to use for the experienced and inexperienced welder? It’s everything you could want in a machine.


By reaching high peak current for a short time, pulsed welding creates an artificial spray arc, producing very good welding characteristics, decreasing spatter, and achieving better penetration than conventional MIG welding whilst refraining from burning too quickly through thinner materials. Pulse also allows the user to carry out all position welding, that would be otherwise limited in globular or spray transfer.

The JASIC MIG 250s optimised heat control allows for outstanding results on Stainless, Aluminium and thin materials.

2T operation is the simple system where you press the trigger to weld and release to stop, ideal for shorter welding runs. 4T operation is where, in order to start a weld, you must press and release the trigger, weld without holding the trigger on and stop by pressing and releasing the trigger again. Handy for those longer welding runs.

Optional Spool Gun Operation: Spool guns improve the stability of the feeding of aluminium wire by utilizing a small spool of wire located behind the grip on the gun. Since the wire only has to travel a few inches before it hits the weld puddle, it reduces the likelihood of bothersome bird-nesting along the delicate wire.

Suitable for a wire range of MMA electrodes for DC MMA.

Able to weld:
  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium Silicone
  • Aluminium Magnesium
Welding modes available:
  • MMA
  • Lift TIG
  • DC

Dimensions (L x W x Hmm) – 895 x 455 x 760 at a weight of 49.7Kg.

  • Accurate preset current and voltage
  • 2T/4T operation mode
  • Synergic system
  • Gas selection
  • Wire diameter selection
  • Electronic inductance adjustment
  • On-demand fan for quiet operation
Package includes:
  • Inverter power source
  • MIG Welder Torch
  • Work return lead and clamp
  • Gas hose & regulator
  • 5-year warranty, for your peace of mind


Supplied with a Manufacturers 5 year parts and labour warranty


Technical Specification:

Input Power   AC 230V – 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (mm)   895 x 554 x 760
Insulation Class   F
Protection Class   IP21S
Power Factor   0.76
Duty Cycle Imax @ 40ºC   250A@35%
No-Load Voltage (V)   75
Current Range   40 – 250 Amps
Efficiency (%)   82
Voltage Range (V)   13.5 – 36
Input Power (kVA)   9.13
Weight (Kg)   49.7



The user friendly interface on the Jasic MIG 252 pulse allows the user to make a number of adjustments.

Gas pre-flow time (range 0.1 to 10 seconds, default 0.5)
Initial parameters (range 40 to 200 amps, default 40)
Upslope time (range 0.1 to 5 seconds, default 0.1)
Peak welding current (range 30 to 250 amps)
Downslope time (range 0.1 to 5 seconds, default 0.1)
Final arc parameters and post-set parameter (range 40 to 200 amps, default 40)
Post-flow time (range 0.1 to 10 seconds, default 2)


Why buy Jasic

  • Jasic machines are incredibly well equipped and represent excellent value for money
  • Built using highest quality components and IGBT’s
  • An industry leading 5 year extended warranty (when registered online) gives peace of mind
  • In house service work conducted by trained professionals in state of the art facilities
  • Welding Inverters fully comply with all safety and quality standards
  • In 2016, Jasic produced 1 million models, making them one of the largest welding inverter manufacturers in the world
  • Each inverter goes through 42 rigorous test procedures to meet the highest possible standards
  • Huge investment in the R&D of welding inverters to ensure Jasic are at the forefront of development in the field
  • Free product training on all Jasic models provided at the Manchester welding academy
  • Validation of machines available, to comply to EN50504:2008 (Please ask)

Jasic Compliance

Jasic Pulse MIG 250 Controls

Jasic Pulse MIG 250 Controls