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Jasic Inverter Trolley JIT-01

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  • JIT-01



Jasic Inverter Trolley compatible with the following models:

  • Jasic TIG 180
  • Jasic TIG 180 Dual Voltage
  • Jasic TIG 200
  • Jasic TIG 200 Pulse Dual Voltage
  • Jasic TIG 200 Pulse AC/DC Mini Digital
  • Jasic MIG 160
  • Jasic MIG 200
  • Jasic MIG 200 Synergic

A well made trolley, the welding inverter sits on a little shelf and is securely strapped in place.  The opposing side of the trolley allows a gas cylinder to be secured and can be wheeled around much like a sack barrow.  The beauty of this type of welder trolley is the small foot print it takes up in the workshop.  The large wheels also make for easy handling.

Please call if you are looking to buy this with any of the above machines – package prices are available.


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Weight 15 kg